Mob Create a pet dna machine

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Joseph the wanderer, May 2, 2015.

  1. Joseph the wanderer

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    I dont really use capture pods, but if i could do THIS with them i would use THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLL!
    it could be another thing you build from the research thing on your ship (or come with a ship upgrade). also, it would need to have the option to CHOOSE which part of the monster to preserve and which to destroy (or just preserve all that monsters traits). Next you use a character creator-esk menu to make your pet from peices you preserved. Lastly you could then use DNA strands from that one underground biome to make the monster. It finishes by giving you your new pet in a special pod (not a capture pod) and you place it in the spot you want to have your pet roam free. (it would be unkillable unless without a special tool. and one of those "once placed cant be picked up items") ( it could also give you an egg instead of a pod if the devs think that would be better) (can you tell i put a lot of thought into this?)

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