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Bug/Issue Crashing on startup

Discussion in 'Support' started by metamorphexx, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. metamorphexx

    metamorphexx Void-Bound Voyager


    I just returned playing this game again, and I'm having problems with starting the game because it keeps crashing. I don't think it's the mods though because uninstalling all of them doesn't make any change. Tried restarting too, no luck. Running in 32-bit seems to work but I wanna milk out as much performance as I can with this PC of mine.

    My specs:

    Proc: Intel i7 8700k
    Mobo: ROG Strix Z370F Gaming RGB
    Mem: 2x 8GB Trident Z RGB
    VGA: NVDIA GTX 960


    [00:53:51.306] [Info] Root: Loaded RadioMessageDatabase in 0.033779 seconds
    [00:53:52.824] [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/emptyhands/radien/items/radienbulb.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'xi_bulb'
    [00:53:53.654] [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/emptyhands/radien/radiencrafting.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'xi_bulb'
    [00:53:54.864] [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/emptyhands/radien/items/radienwaterwalk.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'xi_bulb'
    [00:53:57.013] [Info] Root: Loaded ItemDatabase in 7.43193 seconds
    [00:53:57.947] [Info] Root: Loaded CollectionDatabase in 6.64127 seconds
    [00:53:59.423] [Error] Fatal Error: Access violation detected at 00007FF77F1B0ED6 (Read of address 0000000000000142)
    [0] 7ff77ea178c3 Star::captureStack
    [1] 7ff77ea17b0c Star::fatalError
    [2] 7ff77f1b0ed6 Star::ButtonWidget::check
    [3] 7ff77f208810 Star::CharCreationPane::changed
    [4] 7ff77f20a389 Star::CharCreationPane::randomize
    [5] 7ff77f206a67 Star::CharCreationPane::CharCreationPane
    [6] 7ff77f2943ae std::make_shared<Star::CharCreationPane,<lambda_17f2760cd8135039681453c9b1341371> >
    [7] 7ff77f29788b Star::TitleScreen::initCharCreationMenu
    [8] 7ff77f294e51 Star::TitleScreen::TitleScreen
    [9] 7ff77e94a151 std::_Ref_count_obj<Star::TitleScreen>::_Ref_count_obj<Star::TitleScreen><std::shared_ptr<Star::playerStorage> & __ptr64,std::shared_ptr<Star::Mixer> >
    [10] 7ff77e94f0a0 std::make_shared<Star::TitleScreen,std::shared_ptr<Star::playerStorage> & __ptr64,std::shared_ptr<Star::Mixer> >
    [11] 7ff77e9563ea Star::ClientApplication::changeState
    [12] 7ff77e95cf95 Star::ClientApplication::update
    [13] 7ff77f15cc24 Star::SdlPlatform::run
    [14] 7ff77f15cddd Star::runMainApplication
    [15] 7ff77e9604a1 WinMain
    [16] 7ff77f35849f __scrt_common_main_seh
    [17] 7ffa4f643034 BaseThreadInitThunk
    [18] 7ffa52023691 RtlUserThreadStart

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