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Bug/Issue Crash when launching Linux Starbound server

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by punkfac3kid, May 26, 2018.

  1. punkfac3kid

    punkfac3kid Big Damn Hero

    I am currently trying to run my own Starbound server as I have from the same machine in the past and am now stopped up with this issue on my Linux Mint machine:

    [20:47:45.050] [Info] Root: Preparing Root...
    [20:47:45.051] [Info] Root: Done preparing Root.
    [20:47:45.052] [Info] Root: no runtime config file, creating new default runtime config
    [20:47:45.052] [Info] Root: Scanning for asset sources in directory '../assets/'
    [20:47:45.052] [Info] Root: Loaded Configuration in 0.000784034 seconds
    [20:47:45.160] [Info] Root: Scanning for asset sources in directory '../mods/'
    [20:47:45.161] [Warn] Root: Unrecognized file in asset directory 'mods_go_here', skipping
    [20:47:45.161] [Info] Root: Detected asset source named 'base' at '../assets/packed.pak'
    [20:47:45.162] [Info] Root: Detected unnamed asset source at '../assets/user'
    [20:47:45.162] [Info] Loading assets from: '../assets/packed.pak'
    [20:47:45.405] [Info] Loading assets from: '../assets/user'
    [20:47:46.281] [Info] Assets digest is 563ff626b877e7d080472517395bc6c4eda613eaf6ac1576e95136a4ca9b3d64
    [20:47:46.281] [Info] Root: Loaded Assets in 1.22986 seconds
    [20:47:46.292] [Info] Root: Loaded NameGenerator in 1.23934 seconds
    [20:47:46.368] [Info] Root: Loaded PlantDatabase in 0.0761278 seconds
    [20:47:46.448] [Info] Root: Loaded ObjectDatabase in 0.167094 seconds
    [20:47:46.540] [Info] Root: Loaded MonsterDatabase in 0.0909955 seconds
    [20:47:46.562] [Info] Root: Loaded NpcDatabase in 0.0221433 seconds
    [20:47:46.562] [Info] Root: Loaded StagehandDatabase in 0.000635232 seconds
    [20:47:46.564] [Info] Root: Loaded VehicleDatabase in 0.0018366 seconds
    [20:47:46.566] [Info] Root: Loaded PlayerFactory in 0.00197392 seconds
    [20:47:46.629] [Info] Root: Loaded ProjectileDatabase in 0.261343 seconds
    [20:47:46.630] [Info] Root: Loaded VersioningDatabase in 0.000483505 seconds
    [20:47:46.630] [Info] Root: Loaded EntityFactory in 0.063603 seconds
    [20:47:46.655] [Info] Root: Loaded ParticleDatabase in 0.0245953 seconds
    [20:47:46.656] [Info] Root: Loaded ImageMetadataDatabase in 1.58325e-06 seconds
    [20:47:46.843] [Info] Root: Loaded MaterialDatabase in 0.212488 seconds
    [20:47:46.847] [Info] Root: Loaded TerrainDatabase in 0.00475776 seconds
    [20:47:46.872] [Info] Root: Loaded BiomeDatabase in 0.0245105 seconds
    [20:47:46.872] [Info] Root: Loaded LiquidsDatabase in 0.00050515 seconds
    [20:47:46.877] [Info] Root: Loaded StatusEffectDatabase in 0.0042296 seconds
    [20:47:47.044] [Info] Root: Loaded DamageDatabase in 0.166749 seconds
    [20:47:47.046] [Info] Root: Loaded EffectSourceDatabase in 0.0023405 seconds
    [20:47:47.048] [Info] Root: Loaded FunctionDatabase in 0.00222723 seconds
    [20:47:47.062] [Info] Root: Loaded TreasureDatabase in 0.0136205 seconds
    [20:47:47.214] [Info] Root: Loaded DungeonDefinitions in 0.151909 seconds
    [20:47:47.214] [Info] Root: Loaded TilesetDatabase in 8.35955e-06 seconds
    [20:47:47.215] [Info] Root: Loaded StatisticsDatabase in 0.00111223 seconds
    [20:47:47.215] [Info] Root: Loaded EmoteProcessor in 4.64171e-05 seconds
    [20:47:47.218] [Info] Root: Loaded SpeciesDatabase in 0.00310107 seconds
    [20:47:47.226] [Info] Root: Loaded QuestTemplateDatabase in 0.00745504 seconds
    [20:47:47.227] [Info] Root: Loaded AiDatabase in 0.00101804 seconds
    [20:47:47.228] [Info] Root: Loaded TechDatabase in 0.000700459 seconds
    [20:47:47.232] [Info] Root: Loaded CodexDatabase in 0.00433165 seconds
    [20:47:47.416] [Info] Root: Loaded BehaviorDatabase in 0.183888 seconds
    [20:47:47.418] [Info] Root: Loaded DanceDatabase in 0.00171771 seconds
    [20:47:47.422] [Info] Root: Loaded SpawnTypeDatabase in 0.0037934 seconds
    [20:47:47.424] [Info] Root: Loaded RadioMessageDatabase in 0.00227909 seconds
    [20:47:48.723] [Info] Root: Loaded ItemDatabase in 2.09404 seconds
    [20:47:48.818] [Info] Root: Loaded CollectionDatabase in 1.3943 seconds
    [20:47:48.893] [Info] Server Version 1.3.3 (linux x86_64) Source ID: c21069b204d626bfe673a047a2100d2fcd0766d4 Protocol: 743
    [20:47:48.893] [Info] UniverseServer: Creating universe storage directory
    [20:47:48.893] [Info] UniverseServer: Acquiring universe lock file
    [20:47:48.953] [Info] UniverseServer: Loading settings
    [20:47:48.956] [Info] UniverseServer: Starting UniverseServer with UUID: bf55c61d18b75f8e4a733f563741e10f
    [20:47:48.957] [Info] UniverseServer: listening for incoming TCP connections on 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:21025
    [20:47:48.961] [Error] Exception caught in Thread UniverseServer: (NetworkException) Cannot bind socket to 0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:21025: 98 - Address already in use
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star13StarExceptionC1EPKcNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE+0x66) [0x9e6f66]
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star16NetworkExceptionC1ENSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE+0x8b) [0x93698b]
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star6Socket4bindERKNS_19HostAddressWithPortE+0x642) [0x9bb5a2]
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star9TcpSocket6listenERKNS_19HostAddressWithPortE+0x83) [0x9db8d3]
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star9TcpServerC1ERKNS_19HostAddressWithPortE+0x7c) [0x9dc2ac]
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star14UniverseServer3runEv+0x648) [0x10165e8]
    ./starbound_server(_ZN4Star10ThreadImpl9runThreadEPv+0x15) [0x9f16d5]
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread.so.0(+0x76ba) [0x7fdf1e79c6ba]
    /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(clone+0x6d) [0x7fdf1ddbd41d]
    [20:47:49.057] [Info] Server shutdown gracefully
    [20:47:49.058] [Info] Root: Shutting down Root
    [20:47:49.058] [Info] Root: Writing runtime configuration to '../storage/starbound_server.config'

    As you can see its stopped up listening on some bunk address that I don't understand. If anyone knows what they think is wrong I could use the help. I have tried a lot of things both within the .config file and in the OS itself and nothing has happened.
  2. Geodeek

    Geodeek Pangalactic Porcupine

    That bunk address is an IPv6 meta-address that basically means "any IPv6 address" (like for IPv4). The commands "ss" (modern netstat alternative) or "lsof" can be used to find the process currently bound to this port. For example, "ss -tpln | grep :21025" will show any anything listening on tcp/21025. If nothing comes up, try running the command as root. Usually the problematic process will be another instance of Starbound - either client or server, as both will bind to this port.
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