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Bug/Issue Crash when i try to interactive with the chicken

Discussion in 'Support' started by leomilos, May 4, 2018.

  1. leomilos

    leomilos Space Hobo

    I got 4 chikens in the co op world, and when I try to interact for the second time with two of then the game just crash, but the other two chickens are normal. I can interact one time when appears the screen that shows the mood of the chicken, but when I try again, for reaching the option screen of the chicken (sell, realocate, reproduce and etc...), the game crash. The two chickens with problem dosen't want to get in the coop, still the coop gate for the chickens is open and there's nothing blocking the way, they also dosen't produce nothing. And when my friend try to interact with they she can go to the option screen for sell and realocate the chiken, but when she try to sell the game crash, and if she try to realocate the game say that is full the coop. Than we sell a normal chicken, and than try to realocate any of the broken to the coop, and the game crash again.
    This erro start after they all get old (they gave eggs before the problem).

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