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Crash when a new Game is selected

Discussion in 'Support' started by FireT, May 22, 2018.

  1. FireT

    FireT Space Hobo

    Now, I'll be honest up front, I just recently got this game after seeing more than a few people I follow on YouTube wax poetry on about it.

    I've spent the last day trying to get it to run, checked my audio, updated my graphics card, uninstalled and reinstalled, made sure the xnafx40 was installed and working fine and at this point in time I'm ready to just call it quits and try to get a refund for it. But, before that, I decided to come to the Stardew Valley community for help.

    The game starts off fine, music playing, I can press the load button and have it pop up the blank list of saves (since it is a just purchased game) but the second I hit the New Game button, it tries but then the audio cuts out and within three to five seconds it crashes. There's no crash report, it's just a pure clean crash.

    Any ideas?

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