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Bug/Issue Crash Spirit's Eve Talk to Marlon v1.3

Discussion in 'Support' started by murmelgrumpf, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. murmelgrumpf

    murmelgrumpf Space Hobo

    If you talk to Marlon in front of the skeleton cage at Spirit's Eve the game crashes. Tested in Multiplayer, 2 Player talked to him, both times a crash. Just wanted to inform you.

    Btw: Love this game, keep up the good worg
    • Shingblad

      Shingblad Orbital Explorer

      This just recently happened to me.
      • aj_rios

        aj_rios Space Hobo

        I just recently had this happen to me about a week ago while playing with a friend online. I would walk over to him, talk to him, and then the game just freezes and plays the music, and sits there with the empty text box, then crashes after about 25 seconds. I hope they can het this fixed, it's a fabulous game.
        • Mizzion

          Mizzion Phantasmal Quasar

          The patch today should have fixed this issue.

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