Bug/Issue Crash playing modded with new character

Discussion in 'Support' started by arkminecraft, Apr 27, 2018.

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    So it has been a while since I have played Stardew Valley. I decided to play it with lots of mods. Bad idea. It is inevitable! I knew adding lots of mods would be a problem. There could be conflicts or I didn't install something correctly...
    When I made a new character and hover my mouse over my hotbar, all my HUD disappear for a split second before the game crashes!

    Anyway here is the crash log. Something to note is I added a more crops mod. That might be the problem, but I really want to play with other mods too! Someone please help me.

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      Use the unofficial update to MoreCrops here: https://community.playstarbound.com...icial-continuation.129349/page-6#post-3154045
      The ObjectInformation.xnb of the old mod is outdated, and causes issues in the current version of Stardew Valley.
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        I completely skipped over that download link... thanks so much for helping me! It works, the game doesn't crash when I hover over the seeds anymore! :up:
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