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Bug/Issue Crash on Switch version

Discussion in 'Support' started by mrnintendo76, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. mrnintendo76

    mrnintendo76 Space Hobo

    On switch version I own the game but the switch I play on is not my primary console, which means online checks are performed every 3 hours or so. Twice today I have left the game in sleep mode for a few hours and when I go to resume the game, it performs the online check when I try to resume, and then instantly crashes to the home screen.

    Tested one more time, the same thing happened, the message that appears is "The software was closed because an error occurred."
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    • mrnintendo76

      mrnintendo76 Space Hobo

      Here is a video of the crash I have described.
      • Shubeans

        Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

        Is this issue causing any saves to go missing, or problems due to the crash?
        Does this happen with any other switch games you have, or only Wargroove?

        Thank you for reporting!
        • mrnintendo76

          mrnintendo76 Space Hobo

          I have not experienced any save data loss or any other problems as far as I can tell. I believe it will still even allow you to resume from the middle of you previous battle. I have never experienced this with any other switch game before, even when leaving the game suspended for several days.

          I deleted the game and redownloaded it from the eshop, I will update if that changed anything when I get a chance to test again.

          After redownloading the game I'm happy to report that the crash did not happen this time!

          Unfortunately the crash occurred again the next time I launched in the same fashion.
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