Bug/Issue Crash on sleep

Discussion in 'Support' started by pigsrule101, Mar 24, 2020.

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    ^ Seconded. It went without problems for the first few nights but, now it does the exact same thing and I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone got any ideas?

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      I’ve had countless issues with this.

      I’m playing on Xbox one with a friend co-op mode, everything went smoothly until sometime in the summer of year one it crashed for the first time when we went to bed. After that it has done this about every 5-6 nights and sometimes even back to back slowing our progress quite a bit.

      There was one incident after the fall festival event, the game crashed when we went to bed and we tried to load the save back up the save was missing. After trying a few things to get it back; restarting the Xbox, reinstalling the game, and finally clearing local save files for the cloud to resync, the save still never appeared. I went to the single game load files and there was a blank save with no name and 500g as the currency, luckily I loaded that up and there was our save I immediately went back to bed and saved the game, exited the game and it went back over to the co-op load files thank god. Only thing we lost was the museum reset and the community center reset, which i would rather trade that then the whole actual save file.

      This is such a bad blemish on a otherwise good game please help fix this bug
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