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Would you like to have a guide NPC in Starbound ?

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  1. Taink

    Taink Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This truly is a good idea.

    For example, in Terraria, there is an NPC named 'The Guide'. He can help you to find your way through the game, and he can also help you with crafting. If you give him a material, he will say what you can do with it, and also where to craft it.

    In Starbound, this NPC could exist. For example, he could be S.A.I.L., which is now just an interface which can help you managing your crew, but also a full NPC giving you quests, missions, etc. But he doesn't help you finding how to craft (or with what crafting station) with the material you have in hand. At least, he could help you with the recipes you already know.
    Even a book would do the job, but a character would be more... nice, I guess.

    Also, on your 'native' planet, you can meet guide-NPCs. They are here to tell you you have to craft bandage, climbing ropes, and that you can find Core Fragments deep below. You could ask them what you can craft with the things you have. Also, knowing (via a little window that opens telling you all the recipes you learned with an item), when you unlock a recipe, what material is used in that recipe would be more logical, I think.

    N.B.: Thanks to The_One for letting me open this thread after giving us his idea.
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  2. Ferrettomato

    Ferrettomato Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm not sure about crafting guide NPCs in the world, but the S.A.I.L. bit is a great idea. More people need to see this.
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  3. Taink

    Taink Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah right. I just had this idea while writing the text, so wrote it too. But yeah I would rather prefer it from S.A.I.L. than from some random NPC in your 'native' planet.
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  4. Trollolol07

    Trollolol07 Aquatic Astronaut

    Best idea ever ;)
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  5. Urthdigger

    Urthdigger Title Not Found

    Alternatively, I could see this as an upgrade to the current crafting window. A tab where we can place an item and have it tell use what all can be made with it, separated by required device. Though, there is one issue I foresee with this or the guide NPC: Blueprints. Should it tell you items that you currently lack the blueprint for?
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  6. Taink

    Taink Subatomic Cosmonaut

    In fact, I said something about it : when you unlock a blueprint, it adds the blueprint the crafting library, or it can also tell the required materials to craft the item. Also, the upgrade thing is maybe a better idea.
  7. LeMinotier

    LeMinotier Poptop Tamer

    I would love to have S.A.I.L. do this and be something like an in-game wiki. I think needing a wiki outside of the game to understand how to use and/or craft every item in the game is not too elegant. Doing this right could mean a lot of work for the devs though because a lot of text has to be handwritten. I do however think it would be worth the effort and it would fit the board computer perfectly.
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  8. Ferrettomato

    Ferrettomato Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The idea wasn't necessarily anything like a "wiki". I think Taink just meant listing all the recipes that use a certain item, which wouldn't require any hand-written text.
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  9. LeMinotier

    LeMinotier Poptop Tamer

    You are right. That would be easier to implement.
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  10. Taink

    Taink Subatomic Cosmonaut

    That's right. This is why I talked about Terraria. The guide is much like this : it is listing all the possible recipes from a single material you give him, and he tells you where to craft and with what other materials you can craft items. This would be better because having a whole wiki would be to long to implement and we can leave this to mods, but the crafting guide is more important and having it in the default version would be better.
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  11. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    You mean like the one in terraria that tells you what you already know and always opens doors for zombie, demon eyes and ohter abominations that you want to keep out of your house. but in realilty is a horrible demon wall of flesh in the form of a human guild... sure would have been a cool plot twist if S.A.I.L turn out to be one of the end bosses and you would have to fight your own ship that you have turn super big and powerfull and afther that you get a replica of your ship with all the items you had inside or you just knocks it out and takes control of it again now that you wouldn't seen coming
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  12. Taink

    Taink Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Whoa there this got waaaay too far.
    And to have a serious answer : the guide gets useful endgame, when you just can't remember all the recipes available. Also, the guide is a sacrifice. To summon the wall of flesh. He says that. Anyways, a sacrifice of your ship could also be something... Well you can search things that would come out from this but yeah, huh, good luck.

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