RELEASED Craftables and wood color/item replacements - Cherry wood WIP and new chest released!

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    Chests and wood recolors
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    ALWAYS back up any files you are replacing. Make a folder called "Stardew valley mods and back ups" and put it on a drive or on your desk top.
    To install mods:

    1. Copy the .xnb file(s) it to "TileSheets" under Content in C: programfiles(86) steam/Steamapps/Common/Stardew Valley
    2. Click "ok" when it asks you if you want to replace and load up your game.
    3. Note: (If you have your game open while replacing files, the changes will not take place till you start up your game again.)


    So I was really annoyed that the fridge was so darn small comparison to the produce you can gather and it really broke my immersion to be putting food that would "spoil" in chests that also personally to me, look very dungeon-crawler like.

    So I made this.

    Regulated tempature chest.png

    It's a little modern, but clearly even if this game is farm like, it definitely takes place in our world and our time.

    I'm more than willing to edit or even resprite a different storage idea, I just really like those glass top cases in grocery stores that let you see what's inside.
    Recolors or touch up requests also welcome. I just surprisingly liked the clean white.

    Also, since this is in the craftables, I realize other people may have previous mods that this one will override. So I'd also be more than happy to take the .png and mix it with mine. Just let me know what mods you used to I can credit other people if I need to post other ones. :)


    Cherry wood try.png

    Okay, so I really hate pine and other yellow woods. So I decided to try my hand at changing the wood color in my house. Found out that the files are complex and confusing as to where things are.
    So this mod will likely change wood in ALL of the game if you have the house 3 upgrade.

    As you can see in the picture, there is one place that for the life of me I can not find that is regular wood. I've modded both the house and the towninterior files and I can not find it.

    So this one is definitely a work in progress.

    I plan to change a lot of the wood based craftables and such in the future to match the changed wood.​
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    • Cider

      Cider Ketchup Robot

      Oh my, that texture replacer for the wood is really cool.
      • RoastedCoconutz

        RoastedCoconutz Pangalactic Porcupine

        I really like that fridge box, so much more appropriate for a kitchen than the standard chest.

        I'm looking forward to seeing the wood recolor. It's such a nice rich red like mahogany and definitely gives the house a more elegant feel.
        • Vixxi

          Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

          Thank you! I was really proud of the chest. It turned out better than I thought, even if it's not as textured

          I'm planning on doing a few wood options since not everyone likes dark wood, but man is it hard to find all the files that correlate with it. It also definitely changes the wood in other NPC's home too, just as a warning.
          • ThitPoulsen

            ThitPoulsen Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Could you make a chest like the white one but with a different top? i like how smooth the side is (though please remove the colored box, im not fond of that D:) hmm, maybe a less seethrough box? and change up the colors of the contents a bit? if this overrides the standard chest instead of giving a new option, i dont want my other chests to look like theres food in them when really its wood and stone, minerals, coal and gems etc. i would really appreciate it c:
            • taintedwheat

              taintedwheat Master Astronaut

              It does override them. Not until a new api is out that it could be a completely new image. Someone just shared in the main mod area a /non interfaced/sorta blah way to change the color in smapi.
              • ThitPoulsen

                ThitPoulsen Subatomic Cosmonaut

                ahh yeah i figured as much, it would be awesome if we could eventually relatively easily add new content ourselves so its properly modded and not just replacements of existing files. that way the modding community could continue to buiild on the game after CA is done with it. also because the modding community could accomplish way more in a shorter amount of time when it comes to new furniture content etc

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