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WIP Craftable Guns

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by xDorito, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. xDorito

    xDorito Space Hobo

    I felt the current guns are rare, hard to obtain, and quickly become useless. For a SciFi themed game I thought it was very out of place.
    So I will be creating all new gun weapon sets to obtain though crafting. All 10 Tiers of Assault Rifles, Grenade Launcher, Machine Pistols, Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper rifles.
    The work I made so far could possibly be hampered by the upcoming patch so I will wait to see what changes that brings and how it effects guns before releasing more details. For now it's a wait and see game =)
  2. Quixotic

    Quixotic Big Damn Hero

    How will you balance these against the standard weapon spawns? Will they be slightly underpowered vs their randomly generated counterparts, like melee weapons currently are, or will they be hard to craft but worth it? Will they use the standard crafting bench, or require a special weapon station? Are these using the same ore that tiered weapons do- so a tier 10 gun will require ambersurilliam or whatever the tier 10 ore is, or will they just require more and more of the metal variants?
  3. xDorito

    xDorito Space Hobo

    Ok so to address a few very good questions.
    Its currently near impossible to balance the weapons. Partly because of the armor penetration, but also because the damage of guns aren't based on the gun itself, rather the type of bullet used. This isn't clearly expressed in the game, and the flavor text on guns actually give a false reading for the true Damage per Shot. In order for me to create 10 Tiers of craftable weapons, I will be creating around 20-30 custom bullets. I haven't done much work towards this yet because of the upcoming patch, but once I come to grasps on how the new damage system will work, I'll work with some testers to carefully balance them. My goal is to have them easily obtainable at the Iron Anvil for bars and pixels (Iron, Steel, Etc...). It's difficult to determine how useful this mod will be as the devs add more stuff in, but the goal is to allow the player to craft guns. That simple. The damage values will be hopefully on par with the current tier with different play styles suiting different guns. Assault Rifles will generally be a medium balance between fire rate and damage per shot. Pistols will be the One handed choice. Machine Pistols will be a weaker spray and pray type. Shotguns being high damage per pellet, with a wide spread and little accuracy. Sniper rifles will have high damage per shot, with good accuracy, but a slow fire rate.
    My primary focus is to allow easy access to what I feel should be a highlighted feature in the game. Guns. In the future I hope to expand the work into a custom gun mod but that depends on how well I feel the devs handle guns in future patches.

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