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Bug/Issue Corrupted World and Main Quest Progress

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Trinosaur, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    While on a side mission about an hour ago, the game began to lag. This hasn't been unusual, so I carried on firing at the criminal I was meant to be apprehending, pausing every now and again to let the game catch up. Upon victory, my screen turned black and then I was met with the blue screen of death. It flashed too quickly to see what the error was, and my computer promptly restarted.

    I reopened starbound and was met with a very frustrating situation... despite my character and crew and active quests being intact: everything I had bookmarked and I had been through on the worlds below was wiped. I could no longer go to the hub, I would need to reactive a gate to get there, the shops wouldn't be open (because I supposedly hadn't done the main quest) and the planet I had been orbiting previously was nowhere to be found; I was not about to search through every solar system to find it... It was basically treated as if I was right back at the beginning, and I was dropped at some random gentle star.

    What on earth happened here? This feels absolutely unacceptable and I'm extremely frustrated and upset by this.

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