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Discussion in 'Corporations Archive' started by nababoo, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Pseudoboss

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    As a D&D DM, I find the rules to be far less restricting and much more liberating when it comes to RP, having a character that has certain abilities that are concrete, and stats for doing things out of the ordinary, allows players lots of freedom of doing what they want, often without stepping on toes. With live RPGs, the beautiful thing is that people can always ask "can I do this?" And as a DM I usually say "Yes, but. . ." This gives players the impression that they're living in a real world, one with actual choices, consequences, and obstacles to one's goals, these reactions make RPing much more interesting, not to mention preventing godmodding and providing a challenge.

    I think anything that the corps want made public they put on their public thread, private things go on the private conversation thread that all corps should set up. If there were people who maintain a list of alliances and trade channels, and news corps that read up on events (I think it'd be cool to have a press passes into a certain subforum where corp events are documented, but that'd be very challenging to set up.)

    And I think that as long as there's a very clear way of reading what corps are organized where, and that the corp engine is easy-to-understand and as simple as poddible, there won't be that much confusion, any confusion could be cleared up by an active help thread.
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  2. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I like these ideas.

    I think implementing a random number generator is a good way to set up a stock exchange as well. For we need standardized pricing on things or most corps won't know if they are competitive or not.

    The lack of structure is probably what is keeping some folks from joining up in the fun...
  3. Shock

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    I had a cool idea for an agency corporation, but I figured it wouldn't really be classed as a corporation, though it could be put under News Corporations. It depends.
  4. GravityFlux

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    dead again
  5. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    Whoops. I didn't notice this earlier?

    Well, I try my best to try to try to interact with others in my cafe, but it always ends up just them buying a cup of joe, then saying their thanks and never being heard of again. The last time I attempted to put in a big even, it ironically ended up destroying my old corporation. So, yeah.

    It would be cool to make big events, have alliances with others, and set up production chains, but it seems like most people just don't try to make something creative, and it gets quite boring :(
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  6. Toady

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    Id love to find an RP server that is capable of retaining 100 players at a time and actually RP the corps that we have made with all the other people RPing their characters and Corps. Then use these pages to update any news or information for what has happened in game.
  7. Once a group of players get a corporation with that kind of business going, they'll create a self-sustaining loop of awesomeness.
  8. Dave Combine

    Dave Combine Corporate Co-Chair

    Don't worry, I've already posted an announcement on my cafes page to try to get this going. I'm going to try to get as much people as I can to do this, but I have finals to study for :S
  9. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Count me in as always. :)
  10. Kubastach

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    maybe special category for my beer selling brewery and Dave's cafe and other (is there any) drink selling companies.Also you should extra support people that will decide to make groceries :laugh:.
  11. Inkwell

    Inkwell Hey, You!

    I . . .suggest . . . a starship race with racers sponsored by various companies. and with people companies role playing the pilots. anyone else have thoughts on this idea? I just thought that it would be fun because racing is a simple enough rp to do but still allows for a lot of different corps to get involved.
    Of coarse we would need a panel of judges to decide the winner.
    I propose the winner be decided by whoever rp's the best. IE makes the best reading material. IE contributes the most to the story.
    Furthermore some ideas for how corps can get involved is:
    We will need a space course to have the race in. Maybe we can get someone who owns a asteroid field to set it up while any tech manufacturers sponsor the race with each tech or manufacturing firm hiring a racer to pilot a space ship sporting there logo?
    We will need medical staff in case of injuries so then medical related corps can provide that services and in turn any sponsoring companies can provide those medical companies money for services rendered.
    Of coarse the race will need coverage and so news agencies and stuff can cover the race and they can make money off from advertisements exc aired during the race.
    The race will take place over 4 days (this can be discussed) and rp will be around the same time every day for anyone who want's to take part.
    Though I suggest we make an event signup post so we know what companies want to take part.
    Finally ground rules.
    1. No God Moding (this should be obvious) Anyone doing so will self disqualify from the race.
    2. Anyone signing up to take part in the race rp as a racer will forfeit a match if they fail to contribute to the rp during any of the days it was scheduled.

    NOW this is all just a suggestion and I am sure people out there have there own thoughts; I welcome them. I really want to make this happen and it is my hope that this idea would revitalize the rp sections here.
    ~ Inkwell Industries.
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  12. That sounds like an excellent idea. Maybe, finally, with the influx of members from beta, we can get some sustainable corporate environment started. Perhaps start contacting the members of leading corporations for cooperation?

    I would also be wiling to act as a pilot in the race and be sponsored by a corporation :)
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  13. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Consider SivCorp a sponsor. We will have tryouts for our pilots once the league has enough pilots to compete.

    We will also look inward for a possible pilot... one of our Glitch has a very enhanced reflex system we have noticed....
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  14. GravityFlux

    GravityFlux Guest

    Of course, I won't need a sponsor, being the retired CEO of the G.F.F anyways.
    And since I'm human, you can expect me to try and win.
    *dons triangular shades*
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  15. Inkwell

    Inkwell Hey, You!

    I see what you did there
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  16. GravityFlux

    GravityFlux Guest

    Thats right, people, you're not dealing with any guy, you're all dealing with the great Lord Kamina!
  17. Inkwell

    Inkwell Hey, You!

    sounds like a solid idea. I'll get on it tomorrow. I have to go to bed now, wok starts at 7am and its 10:30 now
  18. Inkwell

    Inkwell Hey, You!

    just remember no god modding. and no breaking the universe.
  19. GravityFlux

    GravityFlux Guest

    I'm sorry, what?
    I can't hear you in this universe sized robot that can fire an actual Big Bang
  20. durgaprasadzone

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    Thanks for info,.....

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