Corporation Revitalization Plan

Discussion in 'Corporations Archive' started by nababoo, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. SimYouLater

    SimYouLater Title Not Found

    If that's the case, someone should delete the big, stickied topic saying that we have too many weapons manufacturers.
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  2. LazerEagle1

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    Alright guys, thanks to Ordona, this thread is now stickied. Hopefully we can get a little more active people on here again!
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  3. SimYouLater

    SimYouLater Title Not Found

    *sigh* Looks like we failed... The whole thing just sputtered even with the huge event...
  4. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    jumping to conclusions, are we not? the only way it will pick up is if we stick to it....
  5. The lack of new faces is somewhat of a problem. There doesn't seem to be much way of alleviating that, except for increasing publicity and waiting for folks to trickle in.
  6. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    All the more reason to keep things as active as we can... even if its just ~3 of us. PERSISTENCE!
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  7. Headphoner

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    This still happening? It's been half a month since anyone's posted here.
  8. There's a light level of buoyancy at the moment, but nothing really. What more projects to conduct, I wonder...
  9. GravityFlux

    GravityFlux Guest

    Alright then, lads.
    Pull up yo pants and man up. Its time to screw em Clans over and show them who runs this RPtown.
    Just kidding. Mostly.
  10. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    Maybe we should go to war with the clans section...
  11. GravityFlux

    GravityFlux Guest

    Aye, me matey.
    Also, Im going to make a new Treaty, and a new Corp of my own.
    Ill first make a Roleplay thing announcing the new Treaty, then make lore and rules, kay?
    Can you call all the old classics?
  12. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    I can try and get some of them, I suppose, but most of them are done with the corps...
  13. GravityFlux

    GravityFlux Guest

    Well, best of luck!
  14. SimYouLater

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    I hate to do this, but this is it for me. See you when the beta comes out.
  15. The whole ranks have dissipated into mist. We must to reforge the group on our own.
    You've been a very helpful member. Good luck on your travels.
  16. Prophet of Deception

    Prophet of Deception Big Damn Hero

    I don't know if I've been helpful or good at this but I'm considering packing it in as well, too much IRL stuff happening for me. Have a good time guys!
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  17. Headphoner

    Headphoner Cosmic Narwhal

    Things really aren't looking good for us at all...
  18. Dr.Mow

    Dr.Mow Intergalactic Tourist

    Greetings everyone! Science and exploration has arrived!

    Finally, a glimpse, a chance, lifeforms to communicate with? I've been trying to get the communications module running again for about seven months now. Being lost in deep space is quite an exciting adventure, being lost in science even more. I am looking for investors to start the production and development of the explorative research vessel I am currently maneuvering through deepest of spaces.
    Interested anyone?
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  19. Pseudoboss

    Pseudoboss Spaceman Spiff

    (Note that I read the OP, the most recent page, and the forum list, not much past that.)
    I love this idea, we'd need a few things to make it work, the first big thing is already here, a thread that lists corps by their type.
    The next thing we need is a usable set of rules, think along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons's ruleset of checks and requirements.

    Have a basic set of stats that are compared with a random element that allows for gambling and chance. It'd be nice to get a mod or someone who can actually change the site around, but it's entirely possible to do this on our own, as long as we have a reliable public random number generator so that someone can't say "oh yeah, I'm getting really lucky today, I rolled 3 20s in a row!" This would allow for true RPing, prevent godmodding, and allow this to be played more like a concrete game, but with infinite possiblities. This is by far the most difficult hurdle to get through, it won't be easy to set up a good, easy-to-use corp engine.

    The second thing that we need is a thread that lists alliances, wars and supply chains, their needs, resources, and a load of other stuff. This would be a pretty big thing for someone to manage, I think that in order to officially transport goods in a supply chain, corps have to ally together on this thread, so that it's not confusing who is allied with who, and it's shown in a clear and efficient manner. Of course, one corp can be in multiple alliances and chains at the same time. This is where many resources are managed, planets are here, which have to be colonized and then either plundered for lots of resources quickly, or sustained.

    This would be a really cool way to manage corps, and if designed well, it'd be quite possible for every corp to do anything they want, with difficulties determined by how out-there the idea is.
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  20. A ruleset is probably one of the things that would make things run a lot more smoothly, but I'm fairly sure not many would be comfortable with the idea of imposing a set of rules onto these kind of activities -- the limits, mechanics, etc. would have a degree of arbitrary decision-making involved. Of course, we could get community consensus, but then the decision-making is expanded from the individual to the group: who's to say group X has a better idea of what the Corporation subforum should be than newcomer group Y? If we do get this out of the way the simplicity would make this appeal to a lot more people, though.

    And as for some personal thoughts, roleplaying is the creation of dynamic stories with others, and that becomes more limited if there's a rule 'system' in place. Rather, I believe roleplayers exercising their good judgement and having certain fallacies attended too would ultimately be the best compromise between fun and standardization. And then there's the idea of the "universe rules", but seeing as this is based on Starbound, that shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

    Of course, espionage will always be a component of commercial activities. A good deal of subtlety would add a whole new layer of engaging action to the activity. Possibly a thread for "public announcements", when you want those relationships to be known among the galactic community. And then there's more possibility for friction between groups as a corporation flits between the alliances, eventually sparking alliances everywhere to cause massive galactic warfare. Hehe. Would it be too confusing for a newcomer?

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