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Copying saves

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by amh7912, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. amh7912

    amh7912 Big Damn Hero

    It would be nice for a number of reasons, including having a copy that's only advanced so far in the game that can wait on more content while you play ahead, saving any money you built up before blindly buying anything you might regret, or in my personal case having a copy where I do, and one where I don't, totally sequence break into dungeon six. (I have a video of that on my youtube if you're curious)

    Although this idea might be useless to some people who are smart enough to just find and copy their save files outside the game.

    EDIT: like me. Once the idea struck it was easypeasy, I love clean save systems.
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    • tccoxon

      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

      Yep, that's fairly easy to do outside of the game. For anyone who wants to do this, saves are stored in:

      On Windows: C:\Users\foobar\.lennasinception\saves on Windows
      On Mac OS X: /Users/foobar/.lennasinception/saves
      On Linux: /home/foobar/.lennasinception/saves

      In that folder there are .meta and .dat files. .meta files are text files that describe the save (player name, location, number of hearts), while the .dat file with the same name contains the actual save data.

      So to duplicate your save, open the .meta files, find the one which describes the save you want to duplicate. Then copy that file and the .dat file with the same name. That means if it was 136.meta, you'll need to copy 136.dat as well.
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      • amh7912

        amh7912 Big Damn Hero

        Erm... I don't have a meta reading program, and I don't have any idea where to get one, I just went off of what the date it last saved was.
        • tccoxon

          tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

          Notepad > Open, type "*.meta" into the filename box :)
          • jude24to25

            jude24to25 Void-Bound Voyager

            Thank you for the save location info! Definitely helpful! Would it be possible to add an option to change the default location for game save data? That way we could for example point it toward a Onedrive folder.
            • tccoxon

              tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

              I've raised an issue in my bugzilla, but I can't promise to do this I'm afraid. It'll depend on how much else I can get done.

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