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Community Coordinates Megathread

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. florinblain

    florinblain Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Their coordinates are right, your universe seed is just different. Either due to a different version or possibly FU. Ref:

  2. Silverforte

    Silverforte Spaceman Spiff

    Oh that makes sense. I've been trying to find a Hylotl city for three days. Starting to think that FU erased them all since the planets that say there's activity under the sea just have these derelict metal structures.
  3. Mewrocks

    Mewrocks Tentacle Wrangler

    You have mods installed, thats why.
  4. PyreStarite

    PyreStarite Space Kumquat

    Has anybody had any luck finding foundries? I swear I have looked on 20 volcanic planets and its just glitch settlement after settlement. They haven't removed Foundries, have they? I am not using any mods that affect world generation.
  5. florinblain

    florinblain Subatomic Cosmonaut

    They haven't removed them, I've found them on quite a few Volcanic worlds. There's one at Muphrid Crescent I (856878987, 829180751), if you're desperate.
  6. FoxDE2

    FoxDE2 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I found a planet with 2 Healing Collar III and a Healing III Augment on it. It's also a nice little tundra planet and I'm pretty positive you can also get the whole buccaneer outfit on this planet too.

    X 643869309
    Y -350844906
    - Healing Augment III, 2x Pet Collar Healing III, towards the left of the starting zone under the water on the ocean floor. Tundra Planet. Windows 7.

    Edit: Forgot to mention the planet's name is Thormiun Frontier I. It may be an Arctic planet instead of Tundra.

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  7. sagenth

    sagenth Pangalactic Porcupine

    Does this actually work???

    ..and this needs to be stickied somewhere.
  8. Rocket6488

    Rocket6488 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    yup yup, tried with several characters, will work, rather successfully too. it's how i got some lit shit on my main
  9. Guest0241525

    Guest0241525 Guest

    Name too difficult to spell out, X: 1 Y: -52, there's just one volcanic planet.

    Beam down, go left. Be careful, there's numerous pool of lava in the way.
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  10. Galactic Avatar

    Galactic Avatar Cosmic Narwhal

    So I told you I would be back and I have a doozy of a system for you!

    BARTWE STRAND (Frozen Star)
    x: -68983336
    Y: -436768483

    Today I found a a remote grenade launcher, after arriving at landing site go left you should pass a lodge and then a little outpost and you will see an alcove dig down in the alcove and there should be a little room right there with the launcher in it. And since its not in a building it should always be there!
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  11. Vetta

    Vetta Space Spelunker

    I'm looking for a novakid village. But it has been hard as f*** to find it, does anybody knows where to find one?
  12. Shiny62

    Shiny62 Tentacle Wrangler

    You can find one at :
    X -552490602
    Y 226142899
    Planet: Pyrocia Threshold II-b

    When you arrive, go on the right, after some outposts you should find the novakid village. (btw I'm on Win. 10 64 bit)
  13. TheSurvivor64

    TheSurvivor64 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I hate to ask this but , can somebody give me coordinates to apex city appartments ? I love starting from those to make themed colonies , 'cause it takes away the entire building part of it :p
    win 10
    latest version (dunno what version it is tho)
    no matter the planet nor system , just to have fun in admin mode by decorating it to be themed to something.
  14. TheSurvivor64

    TheSurvivor64 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    For once i have found it , had to go to the CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE to find it

    NOTE : I have one modded planet in this solar system , i said one , did that totally change it or not ? Duania crest 1 is a

    win 10

    Duania Crest : frozen star

    planet : Duania Crest III : tundra
    1 moon

    apex city appartments after a few steps to the left , i didn't explore much more really.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
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  15. FoxDE2

    FoxDE2 Scruffy Nerf-Herder


    Alnasl Crescent 1 Scorched Planet, Geode Biome with a Geode Door Schematic in a non-mini dungeon chest. It also has a Neon Melon with seeds.

    There are 4 Tech Chests on the surface of this planet, with 2 Teleporter Cores and a total of 5 Tech Cards. There is a non-mini dungeon biome chest to the left which has an upgrade module and a schematic for a cash register. To the right, there is a non-mini dungeon regular chest which has a Lunarang schematic inside of it. There is also a Floran Village and a Sewer Dungeon on this planet.

    I use Windows 7 and my Starbound version is Stable, 1.3.2 1 Starbound Coordinates Lunarang.png
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  16. FoxDE2

    FoxDE2 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Has anyone found a Chef Jacket on any planets since the most recent update, for Windows 7 Universe Seeds? In a non mini-dungeon chest or container?
  17. Messyart

    Messyart Starship Captain

    Got one hell of a system for you guys. Better still if you have the augment combiner mod.

    Assimilia Nexus;

    On II (Toxic ocean) you have 2 speed augments, a swimming augment and a jump augment on the ocean floor.

    On IV (alien world and loot possibly won't be the same for you guys?) there's a glitch castle where I found another swimming augment at the top-left of the castle.

    On V (toxic ocean) there's a light collar (On one of the islands) and on the ocean floor you got... oblivious collar, jump augment and... A poison resist augment!

    And finally, on VI (Again, toxic ocean!) there's a gravity, speed and poison resist augment on the ocean floor!

    Not to mention, the 3 ocean planets have about 30-40 manipulator modules between them just between the islands and ocean floor!
    (And don't quote me on this as I just remember finding one today... I saw a novakid village somewhere around this region of space. Not much there, though. If it wasn't in this sector, it was very close.)

    - Windows 10
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  18. Lutonat

    Lutonat Big Damn Hero

    win 10 64bit
    merope mire
    friendly ship
    item found: ray gun
  19. Quillon

    Quillon Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Windows 10, 64-bit:


    Theres a snowy moon of a gas giant, the only reason I bring this planet up is because it has these adorable red dog-fish creatures that would make great pets.

    (Version 1.3)
  20. Lutonat

    Lutonat Big Damn Hero

    there is a doomcannon at the sewer (kurhah waste 1)

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