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Community Coordinates Megathread

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. soopytwist

    soopytwist Pangalactic Porcupine

    Avian Tomb x2

    X: 695427827 Y: 303673468
    Alpha Yggdrasil 82 I a
    Alien, Risky, Radiation, No air.

    Head right from beam in, there are two Avian tombs (perfect place to grab a Moon Emblem). There might be more than two tombs but my game crashed in the second tomb after my inventory went mental and things in the tomb appeared out of nowhere.
  2. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    OS: Windows 8.1

    Pre-Historic Fur Tail
    Pre-Historic Woolly Pants
    Sabertooth Helm
    Asphalt Blueprint

    They are all in tarpit chests in the tar biomes.


    EDIT - Same system: Epsilon Kraz 3501 III

    Chef Hat
    Reed Hat
    Reed Blueprints: Lamp, Door, Primitive Shelf

    Healing water in the Reed Biome
    Floran Dungeon
    Mini sewer surface dungeon
    2 Bandit Camps
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  3. Doublejho

    Doublejho Existential Complex

    Alright, I reset my universe folder but most of these still aren't working for me, even if we share the same OS. Nerva's worked fine, but I'm not on XP. What gives?

    EDIT: I'm on Windows 8.1
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  4. Derringer

    Derringer Big Damn Hero

    Absolutely none of these work for me at all :(

    I'm on Win8.1 64bit.
  5. Lord Scrappington

    Lord Scrappington Phantasmal Quasar

    no don't worry
  6. Nerva

    Nerva Parsec Taste Tester

    Got another planet full of goodies from the previous system I as exploring. Since it's on the previous page, I figured I'd make a new post for this world. Again, Windows XP 32-bit OS.

    The System
    Delta 21 LMi 667
    Fiery Star

    X: -364429492
    Y: -819268363

    The Planet
    Delta 21 LMi 6667 III b

    Extreme threat, Dead World, Temperature Dangerously High
    Weather: Sunshine, Rust Storms
    Known Sub-Biomes: Wasteland, Rust Forest
    Known Crops: Wartweed (surface, Wasteland biome), Diodia (surface, Rust Forest biome)

    NOTE: Surface liquid is oil
    EXPLORATION WARNING: While gravity is low, the terrain on this world is borderline insane. You will likely need something more than pulse jump to navigate this world's crazy overhangs and cliffs without digging.

    Major Landmarks:
    Glitch Wizard's Tower immediately to the right of spawn
    Lone Glitch King's Home, right of spawn past the Glitch Wizard's Tower
    USCM Underground Bunker, right of spawn past the Lone Glitch King's Home
    Mining Outpost, visible from the surface in the deep crevasse immediately left of spawn. Might have to dig a bit to actually reach it though. May be flooded with water.

    Noteworthy Loot:
    Hero's Cap in a small chest on the surface right of spawn, past the Glitch Wizard's Tower. Not 100% certain of it's location - it may be past the Glitch King's home. If you don't find it past the tower, keep going.

    EDIT: I swear, this system has so much loot. So many planets with two or more special structures on the surface or chests with fine gear. Here's another for ya, same system.

    The Planet
    Delta 21 LMi 6667 III a

    Extreme threat, Volcanic world, Temperature Dangerously High
    Weather: Sunshine, Embers
    Known Sub-Biomes: Volcanic Wasteland, Crystal Forest
    Known Crops: Neon Melon (surface, Crystal Forest biome, rare)

    WARNING! Surface liquid is LAVA!

    Major Landmarks:
    Apex Jumping Puzzle Laboratory to the right of spawn - you'll hear the tesla spikes buzzing when you get close
    Apex Military Base w/Matter Generator, right of spawn past the Laboratory

    Noteworthy Loot:
    Matter Blocks from Matter Generator inside Apex Military Base
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  7. Milapurr

    Milapurr Astral Cartographer

    (went to these coords, there's nothing there. 64 bit windows 7.)
    Had a friend ALSO go to these coordinates, there's nothing there. Windows 7 64 bit.

    Again another friend with windows 7 64 bit has run these coordinates and have found another one. I also ran these under a linux server.. there's nothing there.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  8. greenman

    greenman Spaceman Spiff

    I'm getting mixed results as well.

    Can anyone confirm if Windows version / Mac OS / 32-bit / 64-bit makes a difference?
  9. Saphykun

    Saphykun Void-Bound Voyager

    Windows 8.1 64-bit
    X=47796982 Y=-563258152
    Beta Procyon 12
    Ic: Mushroom villages and blue Avian tomb west for a Moon Emblem. Mind the gaps in the tomb, those sawblades can kill! Floran village east, find Big Bone!
    II: Sugar plants in mushroom village to west. Apex lab course run further west.

    IIIb: Reed chest containing Primitive Shelf and Reed Bed blueprints in second oasis/reed biome west.

    IV: Flower biome, Flower chest containing Big Flower Statue and Floral Fountain blueprints in second flower biome to the east. Continue east to encounter an Avian merchant living in a home, followed by a couple of bandits, followed by another Flower biome. Chest contains Strange Flower Box blueprint, and the second chest contains a Moving Sunflower blueprint (a wire of some sort). Boxes in this particular biome also contain some iron, Flower pot pants and shirt.

    IVa: Mushroom village and lone Glitch king west

    V: Reed hat (more like a crown) and Primitive Shelf blueprint in first oasis/reed biome west.

    VI: Flower biome west, first chest is a little below ground (still viewable from surface), second chest contains a Springe Chest and Moving Sunflower blueprints. Third chest below the second chest contains two Pollen Pumps. They're pistols that inflict poison on the enemy. There is also a green tech chest that contains a Black Tech Card a little past that flower biome. If you continue west to the second flower biome, there's another Floral Fountain blueprint. Just in case you want to find one for your friend! Floran dungeon with Big Bone after second flower biome.
    THIRD flower biome contains THREE Flowery Masks. Yes, three. Plus a Big Flower Statue blueprint. Two Strange Flower Box blueprints can be found too (one in the final chest and one somewhere in this biome)
    Glitch village east (followed by flower biome described above) for Glitch codex and Glitch globe.

    VIIb: Glitch village east.
  10. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher Cosmic Narwhal

    Yes OS version makes a difference, there's also if your universe was generated in a different version of Starbound it will also be different. When you update your universe isn't wiped so you end up with a different version.

    What I'm not sure about is if all these recent hotfixes have also caused differences. Possibly every one of these stable release hotfix patches are causing different universes depending on when people are generating new universes.
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  11. Milly Rainbowskittlez

    Milly Rainbowskittlez Cosmic Narwhal

    thats the most badass airship ive ever seen. mad props on find.[DOUBLEPOST=1423459715][/DOUBLEPOST]
    i just realized i wont be able to get to this one for awhile. Im taking a long time to do much of anything xD mostly building and such. Any pussplum on a non radiation planet? O:
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
  12. Zanzabarr

    Zanzabarr Void-Bound Voyager

    Windows 7 64-bit

    X: -372283656 Y: 348849101
    Alpha Doppledae Majoris System
    Alpha Doppledae Majoris IV a
    Volcanic Terrain

    Apex Platforming Dungeon to the left, (After clearing it, and removing dungeon protection) TONS of Outpost mini-rooms to the left underneath (in one spot to the left if you are deep enough underground there are 3 buildings within a few hundred blocks up and down), and an Apex Lab above ground to the left of that (might be faster to go right from spawn).

    Notable Loots: If you scavenge, you can get a coffee pot among other lunar base/outpost items (including lots of Plastic Trees).

    Sidenote: You should be able to find the mini-dungeon outpost rooms even if you don't go the exact same route I did, they are literally all over for a pretty good area.
  13. soopytwist

    soopytwist Pangalactic Porcupine

    I found a codex in a Glitch room underground in Epsilon 10 Uma Majoris II b. Coords for the system are X: 695427803 Y: 303673481 (Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - if that makes any difference).
    Head right from beam-in and go down the nearest cave and keep digging, there are lots of small Glitch rooms, some of which contain codex's...codices...codecs..?!
    The planet is Ice, cold and threat level is Dangerous so go packing. Also good source of Aegisalt, Rubium and Violium down there.[DOUBLEPOST=1423509580][/DOUBLEPOST]USCM Prison Colony
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - Unstable Upbeat Giraffe universe copied over to Stable Upbeat Giraffe.

    X: 695427822 Y: 303673481
    Beta Sigma Cas 6794 III b
    Ice, cold and Dangerous.

    Head right from beam-in. Or better, head left. It takes longer to reach the colony but it's large and the shield generator is nearer. don't forget to take the stone sign outside once the shield is down for the prison convict back at the Gate Outpost. Prisoners are pretty tough so pack a rocket launcher or similar. Once the shield generator is down you can place blocks to contain them and pick them off easily.
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  14. Dauthdaert

    Dauthdaert Void-Bound Voyager

    After about 2 days worth of hours searching, you've solved my Treasure Map problem. Thanks man.
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  15. Jimmy nickels25

    Jimmy nickels25 Space Hobo

    Anyone find a Avian Airship Or a USCM prison? or both. (windows7 64 bit/Stable upbeat giraffe)
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  16. Zanzabarr

    Zanzabarr Void-Bound Voyager

    Assuming my universe is the same as yours. (I am 64bit stable windows, but versions are wonky atm).

    X: -372283626
    Y: 348849082
    Planet: Beta Thanatos Majoris IV c
    Threat: Dangerous
    Planet Type: Ice (Dangerously Cold)

    Go right and there is a prison not too far away. Can't remember where any airships are at the moment, but if I find another tonight, I'll let you know.


    If those Coords worked for you, here are some for an Avian Ship.

    X: -372283614
    Y: 348849111
    Planet: Beta W Boo 2058 IV
    Threat: Extreme
    Planet Type: Volcanic (Dangerously Hot)

    Not sure it's closer to go right or left, it's a ways away from spawn either way (I went right originally).

    WARNING: The Embers raining down from the sky turn this airship into a platforming challenge in a matter of under a minute. Get what you want fast, you won't be able to dilly dally. (Sidenote 2: The captain dropped a Pirate Spawner for me, not sure if it will for you or not).
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  17. Jimmy nickels25

    Jimmy nickels25 Space Hobo

    Allright thanks alot! im testing them now.
    EDIT: The first one worked but the second one for the airship is a gas giant planet and i cant land on it. Did you mean the planet IV a or IV b?
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2015
  18. soopytwist

    soopytwist Pangalactic Porcupine

    Blimey! You didn't look very far did you? Try scrolling up a bit on this page, then have a look on page 6.
  19. Old_Mr_Magic

    Old_Mr_Magic Poptop Tamer

    Windows 7. 64bit

    The System
    Delta Erebus 133 IV
    Fiery Star

    X: 675705956
    Y: 561593092

    Notable Landmarks & Features
    Tons of Crystal Trees and a Glitch Wizard

    Noteworthy Loot
    At least 1/2 dozen crystal chests with assorted loot. One had a crystal backpack. Hopefully you have the same luck
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  20. Jimmy nickels25

    Jimmy nickels25 Space Hobo

    I did look through all pages ive been to a few but yours did not work for me.

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