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Community Coordinates Megathread

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Izzabelle, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. graevon_ae

    graevon_ae Void-Bound Voyager

    Windows 10 (64-bit)

    X: -993683741 Y: -24190777
    System: Draconis Delta
    Planet: Draconis Delta V
    Weather: Sandstorms
    Threat: Moderate
    Day Cycle: 12 Sols
    Planet Size: 6000 Sectors

    - Beamed down near a Ruined Sandstone Pillar and started exploring east (right) of beam down point.
    - Wooden Chest (Inside a room under the Ruined Sandstone Pillar): Tech Card, Copper Ore (x4) and 119 Pixels
    - Oasis Biome
    - Reed Chest: Reed (x5), Flashlight (Red) and 45 Pixels
    - Sandstone Chest (Underwater): Reed Chest Blueprint, Tungsten Ore (x4) and 45 Pixels
    - Flooded Sandstone House
    - Sandstone Chest (Inside Flooded Sandstone House): Reed Chair Blueprint, Reed Chest Blueprint and 45 Pixels
    - Sandstone Chest (Underwater): Reed (x5), Reed Lamp Blueprint, Reed Desk Blueprint and a Reed Hat
    - Sandstone Chest (Underwater): Reed Desk Blueprint, Reed Shelf Blueprint, 45 Pixels and some Salves (x2)
    - Avian Airship
    - Decorative Chest (Inside Avian Airship): Pirate Bandana and a Graxus Terrortrigger Assault Rifle (Uncommon) [Special: Grenade Launcher]
    - Desert Biome
    - Human Camp
    - Wooden Chest (Under a Tent): Cateye Glasses
    - Wooden Chest (Under another Tent): Gag Nose and a Cap
    - Wooden Chest (Under another Tent): Shade Co. Forcedirk (Rare)
    - Bandit Camp
    - Fenerox Wooden Arena
    - Cultists Camp
    - Iron Chest (Underground): Tech Card, 120 Pixels and some Bandages (x2)
    - Rainbow/Colorful Biome
    - Avian Temple
    - Tall Fenerox House
    - Wooden Chest (Inside Tall Fenerox House): Thorn Grenade (x3)

    - Feathercrown
    - Beakseed
    - Thorn Fruit
    - Current Corn

    - Unexplored
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  2. LizardGaming

    LizardGaming Starship Captain

    Thanks M8!
  3. LinkinFoxcorp

    LinkinFoxcorp Intergalactic Tourist

    I'm looking for it too :/
  4. graevon_ae

    graevon_ae Void-Bound Voyager

    Windows 10 (64-bit)

    X: -505152980 Y: -364572391
    System: Babalohn Formation
    Planet: Babalohn Formation II-b
    Type: Scorched
    Weather: Small Meteorites and Large Meteorites
    Threat: Inconceivable
    Day Cycle: 14 Sols
    Planet Size: 3000 Sectors

    - Beamed down on a Decayed Biome in the middle of a Small Meteor Storm and started exploring east (right) of beam point.
    - Deadbeat House
    - Decayed Building
    - Decayed Chest (Inside Ruined Building, Under a pile of junk): Deadbeat Horn Mask
    - Avian Village
    - Iron Chest (Under an Avian House): Tech Card and a Pyramid Head
    - Iron Chest (Under another Avian House): Upgrade Module
    - Volcanic Biome
    - Volcanic Chest (Under lava): Lava Balloons (x5)
    - Foundry Biome
    - Volcanic Chest (On top of Foundry Structure): Foundry Bed Blueprint
    - Volcanic Biome
    - Volcanic Chest (Under Surface): Fire Lord's Helm
    - Volcanic Chest (Inside Lava Pit with Lava Geysers): Fire Lord's Helm
    - Decayed Biome
    - Iron Chest (Under a hill): Manipulator Module, Solarium Ore (x4), Diamond, Medical Kits (x2) and 105 Pixels

    - The Eyes of Kluex
    - Yolotli's Diary Entry 1-4
    - Avoscript: Verse 23:4:27
    - History of the Stargazers
    - A Pilgrimage to Avos

    - Wartweed
    - Rice
    - Tomatoes
    - Corn
    - Chili

    - Unexplored
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  5. LizardGaming

    LizardGaming Starship Captain

    I found a star system with no moons! and the worst part is that i'm stranded! Here are the co-ordinates:
    X -99999940, Y -2709999820, The Acrux Muster System.
    The Wikipedia said that every star system has a moon.
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  6. LizardGaming

    LizardGaming Starship Captain

    Thankfully, Infinity Express sells fuel, but I may build a mineshaft on a moon, just in case.
  7. graevon_ae

    graevon_ae Void-Bound Voyager

    Windows 10 (64-bit)

    X: 1196 Y: 820
    System: Markab Traverse
    Planet: Markab Traverse II-c
    Weather: Rain and Windstorms
    Threat: Risky
    Day Cycle: 17 Sols
    Planet Size: 3000 Sectors

    - Beamed down on the side of a hill and started exploring west (left) of beam point.
    - Fenerox Wooden Arena
    - Stone Hut
    - Forest Biome
    - Swamp Biome
    - Large Primitive Chest: Hazmat Trousers, Bandages (x2), Lagoon Mask and a Swamp Chair Blueprint
    - Forest Biome
    - Iron Chest (Underground): Tech Card, Graxius Comettrigger (Common) [Machine Pistol], Bandages (x2), Platinum Pickaxe and 160 Pixels
    - Pod Chest (Underground): Tech Card, Hiker Jacket, Safety Helmet, Titanium Ore (x4) and Hiker Trousers
    - Apex Laboratory
    - Classic Chest (Top of Apex Laboratory): Titanium Ore (x4), Salves (x2) and a Gauntlet
    - Savannah Biome
    - Rainbow/Colorful Biome
    - Rainbow Chest: Rainbow Wood Trousers, 40 Pixels, Rainbow Wood (x10) and Salves (x2)
    - Rainbow Chest: Rainbow Wood (x10), 40 Pixels and Salves (x2)
    - Rainbow Chest (Underground): Rainbow Wood Helmet, Throwing Axe (x10) and 100 Pixels and the Corobockle

    - Unexplored
  8. LunaSquee

    LunaSquee Void-Bound Voyager

    I found the entire Alien Alpaca Set on version 1.1.1

    Any OS (Starbound 1.0 seems to generate equally on all systems, correct me if I'm wrong, in that case, Linux 64bit)

    Alien Alpaca Legs
    Coordinates: Pollux Strand I X: -949500234; Y: 259342756
    To the left, as you walk you will go across a Floran Village, walk past it until you see two of those Alpaca huts,
    then dig down next to the tree on the left of the hut.

    Alien Alpaca Sweater and Mask:
    Coordinates: Balon Rest II a X: 762007227; Y: 574291037
    Right from spawn, somewhere in the caves
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  9. IAmGod

    IAmGod Tentacle Wrangler

    There is so f**king much to this game jesus christ i thought i had seen everything.. (I have only been to like 6 planets total yet lmao.)
  10. TheCobaltMask

    TheCobaltMask Oxygen Tank

    Is it just me, or does this thread seem dead
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  11. Krabbe

    Krabbe Big Damn Hero

    This one works on Mac in the latest update for people wondering
  12. Edean

    Edean Void-Bound Voyager

    Windows 10 64

    v. 1.2.1

    Rasalas Gamma V

    X:-105544745 Y:-556439410

    Start to the right, you will find:
    - Asuterosaberu DX in a chest in the sewer
    - Dark chests with Dark disguise (legs and mask)
    - Evil Eve and Doomcannon in a Florian Dungeon (both in a chest)
  13. futons

    futons Void-Bound Voyager

    Mac OSX El Capitan
    v. 1.2.1

    Erebus Veil VI
    X -326680064 Y 427719937

    Decayed Planet - Only weather is WIND
    Size is 6000 sectors

    Going right:
    -Deadbeat towers
    -Floran village
    -Hylotl Castle (contains Asuterosaberu DX on the top level)
    -Novakid village

    There are also scattered Dark settlements, one with a chest containing the Dark chest and pants.
    I also picked up another Asuterosaberu DX *somewhere* on this planet surface, I just don't remember where.
  14. Iceberg

    Iceberg Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Another Asuterosaberu DX location that still works (tested on Win 10, 64-bit):

    Zerus Majoris III - Snow Planet
    X: 2
    Y: -19

    http://puu.sh/qzZJ4/1b45d3fc8d.jpg - this is an old screenshot, but the place still looks exactly the same.

    Props @windseery
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  15. TheCobaltMask

    TheCobaltMask Oxygen Tank

    Well I guess this thread regained it's life!
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  16. Iceberg

    Iceberg Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    X: 105
    Y: -150

    Plaskett Majoris III

    A dark planet with the whole dark set in chests in case someone needs it.
  17. Moose2001

    Moose2001 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Probably done found one by now since this is 2 months old, but here is coords with a scorched planet with dust storms with an abandoned apex test facility.

    Alula Borealis Minoris IV

    X: -44
    Y: -180
  18. LizardGaming

    LizardGaming Starship Captain

    I didn't know that this particular sword existed but I found a rare weapon called the Time Pierce.

    The Shilvina Threshold System (Radioactive Star)
    X: 698 Y:-665
    Shilvina Threshold III
    It should be a Jungle Planet with only one moon.
    Beam down and head left until you find an Avian Dungeon/Temple, The Time Pierce should be in a chest somewhere in there.
    The structure is relatively small, so the search should be quite easy. There is also an Avian Village and an Eyeball biome.
    Safe and fluffy travels! - LizardGaming
  19. futons

    futons Void-Bound Voyager

    Has anybody found an energy pickaxe yet?
  20. Mike1Bagong

    Mike1Bagong Astral Cartographer


    Vadrock Traverse 2-A
    Apparently I found an Evil Eye. Cool.

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