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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Berdyie, Jul 29, 2017.

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    Ok, we all know that getting Rice and Vinegar are impossible to get unless bought. I propose some plants that can be used to make these two products via some new machines.

    Firstly before we begin, I realise that the reason these two aren't craftable is that they have next to no recipes they are in, so I think there should be some more. Maybe in the next update there will be a whole new slew of recipes, so these new craftables will be handy.

    For Rice, I was obviously thinking of Rice Plants. Much like Coffee Beans, the seeds for these plants can be bought at the Travelling Merchant or dropped from Duggies. Duggies need some love. Anyway, these plants are unique as they don't have a specific planting season.

    Rice, in the real world, can be planted at just about any time in the year. Winter, of course, excluded, all the seasons of Stardew Valley can host these plants.

    Rice begins growing for two weeks. After these weeks the Rice Plant is ready for harvest. It's a one time harvest, so the seeds are a little easier to obtain than Coffee Beans (2x drop rate) and has a chance to drop more than one (1-3)

    The Raw Rice dropped from the plants can be sold for 40g each, but their true value lies in their craftability. With a new machine, the Rice Huller, you can turn Raw Rice into the Rice ingredient after a 12h wait time. The Rice ingredient can be sold back to the shop for 125g, 25g higher than the price it is now in the game.

    Now that Rice is out of the way, let's move onto Vinegar. Vinegar is made from Grapes, placed into the new machine; the Presser. The Presser will press Grapes into Vinegar via pressing. Lots of pressing. Pressing is a fun word to type. ANYWAY, you make Vinegar via the Presser over a period of 6h.

    Vinegar can be sold for 125g, again increased by 25g for mass production.

    With these two craftable ingredients available, I think the game could go more in depth. I know some people will probably think this is very specific, but it opens up wider possibilities for some other quality-of-life fixes.

    I mean, personally, I'd just really like a reason to make any other recipes that DON'T give you the most stats/energy for the lowest cost. There's like 100 recipes and most people only really need like 3 or 4 for the whole game. It gets really boring and feels like all the other options are wasted.

    Anyway, please post your opinion below. I would love some feedback.

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    • Fuzzyman

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      For Rice, I'd suggest it has to be planted near water, like within 4 squares of water and would like to see that added.

      Vinegar is generally is not made from grapes at least not any vinegar I can buy around here. Here it's usually from apple cider or grain. Buying wine vinegar is possible but is more expensive. Any non-distilled alcoholic beverage can be made into vinegar. The simplest fix would be to put any wine back into a pickling jar. All the graphics are already in the game.

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