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Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by Urbanova, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Hi there!

    As the title suggests i wanted to throw some ideas out there that i feel may improve the cooking feature in starbound. Feel free to think with me on this!
    What I'm especially aiming at is the tedious part of dragging food from your fridges in order to cook something that will fill your food bar adequately.
    Instead, wouldn't it be better if the cooking stations (stove, microwave or fireplace) could recognize a nearby food storage container and basically show what you can cook with what you have in stock. As opposed to filling your inventory up with some of the food and hoping you can cook something worthwhile with it.

    Then again having the cooking station do it all for you would seem lazy and hand holding as well.
    So i think there could be two option in this scenario:
    1. Have the cooking stations detect stored food in a short radius and cook with those ingredients. The ingredients of course get removed and such. (side note: it could be cool if the refrigerator would do the open animation/sound while cooking. good/bad?)

    2.Have the cooking stations suggest dishes you can cook based off of what you have in your fridges but you would still have to pick the ingredients from the containers in order to make the dish.
    If this option were more favorable it would be nice if the cooking station would highlight the fridge containing the ingredients somehow. Perhaps by having a green light on the fridge light up? Like an inbuilt light of some sort.

    Anyhow these are two cents on what i think would massively improve the cooking process and prevent the stressful emptying of fridges and just cooking the first thing you see in order to avoid dying.

    Let me know what your thoughts are!
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    Wrong section, buddy

    Suggestions' the thing you wanna post that in

    [Welp, that's odd, i've also found that thread in general discussion]

    Apart from that, what you're proposing seems like a good choice ergnomically speaking
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    Ahh apologies. I assumed this was the right thread. But thank you for placing this thread in the right section.
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    It wasn't me ^^
    I do not have thee powers to do so
    I first found this thread in general discussion, then in suggestion, much to my surprize actually
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    Huh that's odd. I didn't put it in general discussion myself. And the labels are indicating this thread is in the suggestion section now.

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