Tutorial Convert MIDI to ABC [Working in Starbound!]

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Magic, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Magic

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    Hopefully this is the right section!

    Hello guys,

    I have found out a way to get MIDI files converted to ABC and working almost 100% perfectly! (the only problem is if you have too many tracks, it sounds like shite.)

    Thought I'd share it with you guys! I was delaying putting this up as I would've expected somebody to have made on, but apparently not :) so here: (let me know if someone has though!)

    I'm gunna put download's here for the lazy folk:

    The software is written by the Digero of the Landroval server for LOTRO. [LINK]

    Older version that I prefer using: [LINK]

    Newer version (Maestro): [LINK]

    Part 1 [LOTRO ABC Converter]:

    1. To start, open up the jar file and accept the vajazzle java complains about,
    2. Click file > open midi and select the midi file you want to convert,
    3. When it is open, it should look like so:
    4. [​IMG]
    5. From here, you want use as little channels as possible - I like to have the main tracks enabled only, and drums are seemingly unsupported in the program (haven't tried Starbound because of the wipe)[I left all channels enabled in this midi as they're all the main line]
    6. It'd be good to note that for some reason, they're a note "limit" per-se that only let's you have a certain range of notes - if some notes go out of range they will simply drop or climb an octave making some weird sounding pieces - mostly unnocitable though
    7. Finally, click file > export as .abc and extract it to ./starbound/assets/songs/
    8. Then restart the game, and click on your instrument! it should be there :)

    Part 2 [Maestro]:

    In progress! use LOTRO ABC for now or work your way around it :)

    Some examples of these converters in use:

    Best thing is, others can hear without needing these files! schweet. although to play in a band you have to send them the abc files :)

    Cheers for viewing!

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  2. _Ike

    _Ike Intergalactic Tourist

    using this makes the tracks wonky. often the notes overlap from futher in the song causing a shit sound
  3. sheldowned

    sheldowned Tentacle Wrangler

    Like its wrote,it´s best to use the least amount of different channels as possible,given the fact that everything will get compressed into only one instrument.
    If you did so and still have difficulties,maybe some good community players could "upgrade" this program to use specifically with Starbound. With given authorization,of course.
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  4. Bendiix

    Bendiix Void-Bound Voyager

    This seems like an cool program, however the song i try to convert sounds like shit in-game, i tried everything, all 3 tracks, only 1 track, up the speed, yet it still sounds really bad, it seems really slow and its skipping some notes,

    If anyone can convert Lugia's song and get it to sound nice in the game please PM me and leave a DL link for the ABC file, thanks.
  5. SuperMandrew

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  6. Bendiix

    Bendiix Void-Bound Voyager

    I got the midi file of the song i wanted and it sounded really great before i converted it and even after i converted it, it sounded good in the converter but it plays really slow ingame and skips notes.
  7. sheldowned

    sheldowned Tentacle Wrangler

    Dont know if I can help much in the matter,but if you use the new version - Maestro- to visualize the music and choose the best tracks,and then use the recommended version -older version - to transforms into .ABC it gets better than using only Maestro [dont sounds right in Starbound music system] or the older version [you kinda cant visualize the tracks as much you can in Maestro]

    PS: I found a site with good MIDI collection: http://los.yoonhuh.com/MIDI.htm
    I like the style of the midis,SPECIALLY Gothic Neclord
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  8. bologna_man

    bologna_man Void-Bound Voyager

    I use a program called "midi2abc". I've tried Maestro and I just didn't like how the ABC files sounded in-game. So far, I've only tested a few songs with midi2abc, but all of them have sounded just fine in Starbound.

    I don't remember exactly where I downloaded it, but the download is hosted by abcnotation.com, so I would recommend just searching for midi2abc.

    It also comes with several other programs for converting between various different music files that could be useful.
  9. Sergeant Sneeky-Pants

    Sergeant Sneeky-Pants Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    When I use Maestro to make abc files, the abc files I get crash starbound when I try to play them. Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? I checked the default abc files shipped with starbound with the ones Im trying to add, and it appears that they use different notation or something... Any help?

    Just re-read the op, misread the part that said Maestro was unsupported as of now, thanks! I'll just try LOTRO ABC I suppose. Happy holidays all! =3
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  10. Bladetrain3r

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    Thanks for this, been wanting to convert some Minecraft Alpha tracks to play in Starbound (notably, Sweden)
  11. CosmicX

    CosmicX Master Chief

    Does anybody know of an equivalent program for mac? I've got lots of awesome midi files that I wish I could convert!
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  12. Whoaness

    Whoaness Subatomic Cosmonaut

    A lot of songs are turning out poorly with the LOTRO converter, and Maestro conversion just crashes.

    Are there limitations on what Starbound can play?
  13. Seerus

    Seerus Void-Bound Voyager

    I used it, and the timing is right (I tried with Lotro, doesn't open, and when i use maestro the song goes slow and skips notes), but the problem is that this one kinda delays some notes, making it sound bad every 2 - 4 seconds, know how to fix this? :s
  14. Lrns123

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  15. FrozenWaffles

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  16. Garr

    Garr Aquatic Astronaut

    Thanks for your tutorial.
  17. Gunseeker

    Gunseeker Void-Bound Voyager

    It keeps telling me that i dont have java 7 or higher but i installed it 3 times and it still says it
  18. DevWolf59

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