Controller stops working after taking damage

Discussion in 'Support' started by alttp, May 5, 2019.

  1. alttp

    alttp Space Hobo

    Hi, I like the game but there is this bug that is preventing me from progressing: every time i take damage, my controller stops working and the game hangs within a few seconds. Also, when I try to toggle full screen, the screen goes blank and I have to go back to 1080p (my screen is 1440p).

    Any fixes for the 2 issues above?
    • LunarRayGames

      LunarRayGames Developer

      That's strange! For the first problem, you could try disabled controller vibration in the Input Settings menu.

      I'm sorry to hear about the fullscreen issue. I'm working on some fixes to the window rendering code, so in a few weeks it might be fixed!

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