Controller on mobile needs updating

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by alexn308, Jun 26, 2019.

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    Since the touch controls are too finicky, the only real option for playing productively is with a controller. The problem is a controller doesn't behave the same as on PC.

    The main Difference is taking items in and out of chests. Normally you just press A and the item transfers over, on mobile you have to press x and it picks up the whole stack and you have to manually move it.

    Also when navigating items or menus, you can't press and hold an arrow key to scroll, you have to tap continuously to get to where you want.

    Another annoyance is the hotbar. It also is slow to scroll through and lacks pages like the PC version has, this makes it difficult to select weapons fast.

    Start and select keys have no function

    It would be nice if the mobile developers could somehow transfer over the same controls from the PC version. That would make this game much more enjoyable.

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