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WIP ContentPAK Mod: Official BLOG

Discussion in 'Other' started by That1Rand0mChannel, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. That1Rand0mChannel

    That1Rand0mChannel Industrial Terraformer

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ FirstLogo.png
    What's up randomlings, as you may have known for the past month, I have been working on a big overhaul mod that will make Starbound packed with things, without overwhelming the player. The mod's name is ContentPAK, and this thread will be used for any news regarding ContentPAK from this day forward.

    Q: What is specifically gonna be in ContentPAK?
    A: Many biomes, many new actually good techs, new missions, a new hub world, randomization, new lore, a secret character, and much more!

    Q: When will ContentPAK be released?
    A: Not for a long time, but ContentPAK will have early access available whenever I think it's in a state that's good enough for a first beta.

    Q: Can I suggest things for ContentPAK?
    A: Absoultly, feedback is the biggest thing I need right now to ensure that my mod is going in the right direction. You will be credited for any of your suggestions I add.

    Q: Who am I?
    A: You are just a made up useless character I created just for the sake of getting people's questions out the way.

    I will not allow ContentPAK to be intergrated into any mods, because I want ContentPAK to be it's own content mod.
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  2. That1Rand0mChannel

    That1Rand0mChannel Industrial Terraformer

    News: Car Tech!
    One of the techs I've been working on for a bit is a car tech! Based on the original Starbound Beta car tech, this more refined updated version lets you honk, toggle headlights, and most importantly, you can travel across the land quickly!

    See it in action!

    News Update: More Information About The Car Tech
    Ever since the original Car Tech news post, more has been added to the car tech. First of all, the speed has been nerfed slightly to fix the unstable speed, however, you most likely won't notice the difference unless you compare the updated car tech to the unnerfed original version. Most importantly, there are more car tech types that will be added, although some have been already added, like the super-fast slippery jeep, and a car varient that will help with climbing mountains.

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  3. That1Rand0mChannel

    That1Rand0mChannel Industrial Terraformer

    News: Outpost Touchups
    I have been working on quite some things since the last news post, and one of the things I'm getting prepared for is the promised better progression.
    All I have gotten to change right now is a few things in the outpost, such as shop items and textures.

    This is one of the stores which received a texture update. I honestly think this looks much better than the original texture.
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  4. That1Rand0mChannel

    That1Rand0mChannel Industrial Terraformer

    Major News: The New Outpost
    This is officially the first blog post of 2022! Since it's been quite some time since my disappearance, I got something insane to show you.

    This is the New Outpost for ContentPak thenewoutpostlolcringe.png

    The Outpost has been made larger, way larger since the outpost used to be previously quite small. The Outpost has also been given a wide variety of objects to make it seem not as barren as before, such as extra lights, some objects, and other bit's n pieces to make the whole thing wrap together. Not only that, but the shipyard has also received an expansion to actually make it seem like a shipyard, instead of a laughably small spot. Don't be overwhelmed, though, The Outpost is NOT massive enough where it will make the performance commit die, it's just a decent size, and most of the other parts will be accessed via warps, making those parts their own separate maps, just to be performance-friendly.

    Yes, the outpost will have many things to do in it, just wait for the mod to come out and you'll see it for yourself.
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    That1Rand0mChannel Industrial Terraformer

    Awesome News: New Planet Types And FurnitureNET
    It's great to be sharing more news again, I know I wasn't posting for a while like last time, but I promise it's because I forget 99% of the time.
    Now as you can tell from the title, there is quite some crap I have to show you!

    Introducing The Crystal Biome!

    The Crystal Biome will serve a role in progression. With it's majestic neon-like crystals, they can be used to craft armor that can reflect light (well for the game code i'll just make it give off pink light). When those falling crystals come in contact with you (with any piece of that armor set equipped), it gives you temporary jump height and speed.
    While the underground is not complete, I promise you that it will be one of the most dangerous experiences you've ever seen. The underground will have sharp crystals, fake crystal monsters, and crystal blocks that can fall easily if you mine one of their blocks.
    Fun Fact: This is actually highly based off the alpha crystal biome in an old starbound screenshot, with most of the textures being ripped from it! Also another thing, the clouds you see are from the screenshot too, except I put the clouds to be the same for every biome, so every biome now has these nice alpha clouds.

    And Now Introducing The FurnitureNET!

    FurnitureNET is a portable shop you can purchase from the InfinityExpress that will let you buy a massive range of furniture sets. Think it as an inspired version of PropPack, without the organized tabs that is hehehe. Alternatively, they sell seperate objects that aren't tied to a specific set, such as Sans Special Fun Chair, no further information on that.
    Trust me, builders like me will love this shop!

    I swear to god if you steal my ideas I will-

    And that's all for this blog post, I did some other work too but I saved the best ones for this blog post. You know i'm a bit concerned that nobody is checking this blog at all and that I am just wasting my time, but for those few people who check, this is who i am doing it for.
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  6. tigerfestival

    tigerfestival Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm really liking what I'm seeing. As for the lack of responses, this forum is kind of dead, if you want more responses, you should go to the Starbound discord server. It's fairly active and people there will love your mod.

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