RELEASED Content Pack Conversion of Eemie's Seasonal Victorian Buildings and Flowers

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  1. shannenenen

    shannenenen Void-Bound Voyager

    I love all of Eemie's mods, but I haven't been able to use the seasonal versions of their Victorian buildings or any of the flowers included in the mod which can be found here. This is an unofficial update to that mod. If Eemie updates the mod themselves, this mod should be considered obsolete, and Eemie's version should be used instead. All images used in this mod are Eemie's- the only work that's mine is the coding that allows them to work with Content Patcher.

    This is my first time creating any sort of mod for SDV, let alone a redux. If this kind of update or post isn't allowed on the forums, please let me know and I'll take it down right away. Otherwise, I just want fans of Eemie's work to be able to use their mods with the current version of the game, and I hope you enjoy using this in your game once again!

    Update Aug 17, 2018: I've re-uploaded the mod with an updated assets folder to fix the error with the Deluxe Coop. Thanks, Allayna!

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    • macaro0n

      macaro0n Void-Bound Voyager

      Hello, thank you for your work, I love it,
      but when I tried it, here's what on my error log :

      [09:03:52 ERROR ContentPatcher] Can't apply image patch "Eemie Seasonal Victorian Buildings Redux > entry #55 (EditImage Buildings/Deluxe Coop)": target area (X:0, Y:0, Width:99, Height:128) extends past the right edge of the image (Width:96), which isn't allowed. Patches can only extend the tilesheet downwards.

      [09:03:52 TRACE SMAPI] ContentPatcher intercepted Buildings\Deluxe Coop. [09:03:52 TRACE SMAPI] ContentPatcher intercepted Buildings\Deluxe Coop.

      The deluxe coop was still vanilla :(
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      • a9s1d0f1g8h4

        a9s1d0f1g8h4 Intergalactic Tourist

        THANK you very much
        it works perfactly for me
        • AgentBrel

          AgentBrel Space Hobo

          i am having this same issue :( everything looks great but i have a giant red chicken coop instead of the nice victorian one :(
          • Allayna

            Allayna Ketchup Robot

            I remember having this issue, somehow the replacement image is slightly too big, fixed em myself
            just drop this into the mod

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            • macaro0n

              macaro0n Void-Bound Voyager

              Thanks dear!
              • shannenenen

                shannenenen Void-Bound Voyager

                Thank you for your help with that! I didn't have that problem when I was play testing, so I didn't think there were any issues. I'll update the OP with the fixed assets folder.
                • swyrl

                  swyrl Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  would you mind if I make it configurable and add it to the thread?
                  • shannenenen

                    shannenenen Void-Bound Voyager

                    Go for it!
                    • idaandu

                      idaandu Void-Bound Voyager

                      Hi! I'm really a big fan of this mod and after a long time of not playing, it stopped working. I've started clean and reinstalled my mono and smapi and I was so happy to see this updated version of Eemie's lovely mod but upon installing it now, SMAPI says the mod needs updating :( Any help would be appreciated!
                      • Starbound Sailor Moon

                        Starbound Sailor Moon Industrial Terraformer

                        I made a version of the craftables_indoor assets to be compatible with most of the "Witchy Decorations" (seasonal version) mod, since ManaKirel had intended it to work with Eemie's Craftable Flowers. Just thought I'd share if anyone else would like to use it along with this mod, plus this is my first attempt at mod editing so I hope that's okay? Lol.

                        Just replace the craftables_indoor.png in each season's correct folder, renaming it without the seasons in parenthesis.

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                        • 3duyy

                          3duyy Intergalactic Tourist

                          working well tks u so much
                          • Noneretus

                            Noneretus Space Hobo

                            wich folder should i change for this one?
                            • AnnieAngel

                              AnnieAngel Orbital Explorer

                              Where do you put the folder to make it work with content patcher? and should it be ziped or unziped? i cant make it work >.<
                              • Moragaine

                                Moragaine Existential Complex

                                @AnnieAngel All the Cp mods go in the Mods folder, Content Patcher will pick up any packs written for it as long as the info in the mod is correct. All mods should be unzipped to use them.
                                • fadedwaif

                                  fadedwaif Orbital Explorer

                                  hi I just wanted to express a huge THANK YOU (and to bookmark this thread for myself)

                                  i'm obsessed with eemie's flowers and I didn't think this mod existed, it wasn't super easy to find. i imported everything on android and it's absolutely gorgeous <3!
                                  • roxxie97

                                    roxxie97 Void-Bound Voyager

                                    The last update has been awhile.. Is this mod still working wiith the newest version of smapi? Don't wanna break my save... :)
                                    • Moragaine

                                      Moragaine Existential Complex

                                      CP mods rarely break. As long as Content Patcher is up to date, the mods that use it will work(unless an update of the game changes things).
                                      • Areonin

                                        Areonin Space Hobo

                                        still working well for me, but the only thing is the big shed with upgraded size is still vanilla
                                        the desert obelisk is vanilla,
                                        the house mailbox is Vanilla but you can get another mod to fix that,
                                        and the gold clock is Vanilla
                                        Tractor mod garage is vanilla

                                        otherwise still loving the mod thankyou everyone for doing this
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