Chat Congrats? On Brexit.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SivCorp, Jun 24, 2016.

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    you'll find it goes both ways. prejudice to those who speak out... is not exclusive to the left. one side calls you intolerant, the other will claim you're not a real american. perhaps where you live the left are doing most of the bullying, but where I live the right have their run of things. both sides are dumb, they only care about posturing rather than the problem itself.

    besides, I think bonabopn and buxx were only arguing against generalizations as a whole. that doesn't mean giving anyone special treatment. I for one agree with most of what you said.
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    @Xylia: Truth. And, of course, while we may reject what's toxic - there is always room for us to adapt the good bits of cultures that foreigners grant us the good fortune of being exposed to. (especially the great food! >.> )

    @Cyberspy: It certainly does! Forgive my dramatics - when I get caught up in expressing myself (especially concerning a subject I'm passionate about) it often leads to needlessly gratuitous theatrics.. I've experienced some of that. I was raised in the deep South, currently live up North. Two vastly different demographics. If there is a silver lining with all the political drama being so mainstream these days is that it's taught me what I don't want to be by sheer example- Closed minded. I now reject party loyalty - and for my bluster and deep seated belief in just how open minded I thought I was? I'm not afraid to admit that my mind was completely closed to some view points in the past. These days, however, I'm willing to give most ideas the time of day. It's opened my eyes in a positive way. 'The important lesson here is Identifying as' any sort of group identity is probably the most detrimental thing a person can do as an individual. Leads to a very counterproductive "Us vs. Them" mentality.
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    I'm the same sometimes, no worries.

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