Chat Congrats? On Brexit.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SivCorp, Jun 24, 2016.

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    A lot of people hate the man, but some of the things he wants to do make a lot of sense:

    1). Stop sending our money abroad with these terrible deals.
    2). Get better immigrant vetting systems up.
    3). Get an actual real border to make it much more difficult for drugs and illegals to get across our southern border.

    Just three of the ideas off the top of my head of the major things he wants to do that make a lot of sense.

    #1 though... is sounding pretty nice. Why should we fork over Billions to Iran who breaks their agreement again and again? Why should we be giving money to Mexico when our factories and up packing up and moving there to dodge minimum wage laws, leaving our own citizens jobless?

    Etc etc etc.

    And you know... if you hate the guy, hey that's fine... but I hear a lot of Trump hate and I ask them why and they go "Because he's fascist!" or "Because he's racist!" or even worse, they'll go "because he's stupid" or something.

    I've not heard a single person pick out 1 actual piece of his policy and explain why it is bad. They throw generalized insults at him and that's it.

    And besides, it's either Trump or Hillary, and I don't want a career criminal in the WH, nor someone who's funded by Saudi Arabia (the same people funding terrorism).
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    Stop taunting
  3. Xylia

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    It's what Anti-Trump people do. They can't actually give you real reasons they don't like him, they just throw generalized insults and go "He's baaaaad!" and... that's it.

    Right, okay. If that's how they feel about it, that's fine. I'm not gonna take them seriously, though.

    Same kind of people who show up at his rallies and end up on the Alex Jones Channel being made fun of in spectacular ways.
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  4. Bonabopn

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    I'm just glad i don't have to put up a valid argument anymore, they've already lost.

    Hey, remember that time Trump said he wanted to ban muslims from entering the country? kekekekekekekekeke!
  5. Xylia

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    I'm sorry, I'm not going to argue with somebody who does Ad Hominem/Poisoning the Well/Guilt by Association attacks.
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    1. Who?
    2. Stop it... you are litteraly my parents being angry at eachother
  7. Xylia

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    They're talking about me, because I like Trump that means anything I say on Brexit (a completely irrelevant subject) is automatically bad.

    That's called "Poisoning the Well" and it's also an Ad hominem fallacy.
  8. Bonabopn

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    Build A Wall! Build A Wall! Build A Wall!
    Ooh, now tell them about the fallacy fallacy.
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    *whistles quietly and waits for the thread to actually get back on topic*
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    Bonabopn if you don't stop taunting everyone i am gonna say that trump is the best president of all time :nurushock:
    Even though i don't live in america but fuck it
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    Okay, that was mean of me. I'm sorry for mocking you, Xylia. I will not do it again.
  12. I wanted to say something about this right quick:

    Policy is only one facet of politics, and the context of enacting that policy is equally important

    For example; stronger immigration vetting is important. But how it's done is equally important. A Democrat, Republican, Fascist, and Socialist will all have different methodologies on how to enforce that policy. Securing our borders is a pretty great thing; but would it be great if we did it by shooting anyone that came close? (not saying that's what Trump will do, just another example of varying policy enforcement)

    I won't try to say that Trump is some sort of Nazi; but his views and actions are pretty heavily cemented in Fascism (or, at the very least "Radical Right"). So regardless of what policies he's "for", a lot of other political parties (and some Republicans) fear just how these policies will be enforced. Trump himself has been very flippant and non-committed to any 1 approach thus far, which is very concerning and reason enough to doubt his capability as the leader of the country (the same can be said of Hilary Clinton). It's very true that a LOT of people call Trump a Facist and racist out of some sort of knee-jerk reaction. But unfortunately, Trump has also given reason for these titles to be appropriate and in some instances; undisputed.

    The left side reacts VERY poorly to Trump's candidacy out of fear and disbelief. As a representative of the people and the United States of America, and someone who will act on policy; is it really ok for this person to accept endorsement from the KKK? To infer that all the Mexicans crossing our borders are criminals, rapists, and murderers? That our problem with gun violence, is a problem with Muslims? Who is openly mysogynist? Who openly advocates war crimes? All of this has been dismissed under the guise that Trump is just no longer being "politically correct", and that keeping an open-mind to these varying scenarios (which do require some sort of policy) is a soft approach. But the truth of things is that a majority of situations are not black and white. And Trump's eagerness to treat things as such plays on the fears of misconceptions. Which encourages/cultures racism, bigotry, and in some cases radicalism.

    I'm not trying to say; Trump is bad, you are wrong to endorse him. But I wanted you to be aware that the fears surrounding Trump are not just a leftist/moderate concern or an issue with policies. The issue extends beyond what he intends to supports policy-wise. People like to draw comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler as a joke. But the reason for the concern and jokes in the first place is that the comparisons are more and more identical when you look closer. For all intents and purposes; Trump's candidacy and possible presidency are what history warns us about. That radicalism and tyranny are not things that exist outside of our own means of committing. Our political choices are very delicate.

    It's a very scary time to be an American if you sit down and really think on it. And it's even scarier if you belong to a minority or group that Trump has issue with.

    While I personally don't endorse either candidate up for America's 2016 presidency; I sincerely hope you, Xylia, take greater care in how you decide who to vote for. Whether that be Trump, Clinton, or Batman.


    This is usually why many forums don't allow discussion of politics or religion. Too many moving parts. Too many passionate varying opinions.

    I encourage everyone to forget discussion of Trump and carry on with discussion of Brexit. It's ok to reference other things in regards to Brexit, but tangents (like my own, I suppose) will lead to a thread lock. Also -- if you get personal with your attacks on people's opinions, that too will lead to a thread lock and possibly a warning/ban.

    If you want to discuss something off-topic, please create a new thread for it or take it to PM.
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    Very well, I'll accept that apology and I'll apologize myself as one or two of my remarks were probably a bit too close to that as well.

    Nah, if I were to vote for a superhero, it'd be totally Deadpool.

    All jokes aside...

    I'll try to leave Trump out of any future posts in this thread. I wasn't trying to start a Trump thing, but ah well. We'll carry on without it.
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  15. Rantiki

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    Ah that explain a lot, the U.S, one of the three countries in the world that due to its insistence on individuality, still negate to give its children the same base rights as animals and adults, a country that because it is adamant that universal legislation is so bad fails totally to protect its most vulnerable. The U.S still defends parents rights to assault their children physically, because they won't allow or can't agree on a universal legislation that at its base offers their most vulnerable base human rights. The UNCRC.

    I have ignored I have to say most of your post as you seem to vilify globalisation, evidenced only by your opinion, and citing no peer reviewed research or information to evidence your views. Where when I look at just the wiki they cite North Korea "isolationist" regime as a combative method.

    As you asked as well here is some evidence on what the E.U money goes to fund, not just from Britain but in total, and the influence of the E.U on our laws.


    By the way this is a newspaper, it's written by journalists, a defining feature of journalism is bias, and lets us say exaggeration, and misuse of context. Professionally you are advised against citing them as evidence as they are extremely unreliable. If you wish to find true information look on the government and legislation sites.
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    I, for one, have been and am still completely neutral on Brexit.
    I understand the arguments for and against and I am not sure if one or the other is better. The markets have risen again after the initial panic and George Soros has probably made more millions on knowing the UK would vote to exit. I wish I could see the future like that.
    More from George Soros: "Brexit has made the disintegration of the EU practically irreversible."
    Agree? disagree?
    Personally I hope he is wrong. This time.
  17. Rantiki

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    I have to say me too, anything that stands in the way of integrated working and co-operation I see as not at all beneficial, however I have heavy bias in this as I will freely admit my profession as well as aspects of my personal life are susceptible to change now that the E.U humanitarian moderation of our government is going to be withdrawn. Traditionally doesn't matter which party is in power, the U.K government favours those with resource over those without, doesn't have a very high opinion of those with special needs be they genetic or the result of sickness or accident, and when looking to make cuts always hits the little guys first. Our education system is vastly inferior to the rest of Europe for instance, with our schools favouring academic hot-housing of primary age children, reliant on heavy control and teacher-led activities. This despite the reams of peer reviewed research that promotes and showcases the value of play as a much more efficient learning tool.

    Lastly for myself personally, I find the fact that this now confines me and my children, something quite horrific. Before we voted out there was much more opportunity and choice, the chance to work, live, and indeed love in 28 different countries. It is only logical to understand that Britain is tiny in comparison to the majority of countries, yet because in large part to national, pride we have limited our own choices. Basically shot ourselves in the foot to try and limit others. Now it will be much more difficult not only to leave, but also for people to gain entry. Which means even my choices of a future partner, are now limited. Kind of ironic really that the internet makes it much more easy to communicate universally, yet our countries government for fear of people gaining entrance, thus effectively shut us in. And while many people believe that our remaining with the E.U would only hurt the poor, and leaving would only hurt the rich. In this case especially, it doesn't touch those with vast resources as traditionally financial stability allows you to make your home, work, and love anywhere. All this particular facet has done is contain those without the resources.
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    I think brexit was a bad move. always a shame for me to see cooperation end, always a shame for sciences to go unfunded. the EU didn't just take its member's money and ran with it. they gave back, it's provided a couple friends of mine with a lot of opportunities.

    the same couple friends told me this was akin to throwing away the paddles of your boat and claiming you "finally took the boat back". guess we'll see what happens. but if one thing is certain, the united kingdom will soon become the divided kingdom what with scotland and ireland planning to hold referendums over independence.
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    i am so confused
  20. cyberspyXD

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    I've heard that sometimes, news sites like BBC "cook up" tweets and have one ready to go depending on an outcome.

    I'm pretty sure Boris is in fact, not standing for them though

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