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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by silom, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. silom

    silom Space Spelunker

    Hey Guys,

    it is now time for me to write some mods again, like in the good old minecraft time.

    But I went in some uncomfortable issues.

    My big problem right now is to find out how the data structure works. If I look at the project structure I can see easy pattern and I already had a good start. But now I want to add some new stuff like quests with cool rewards.
    My question here is:
    If I add the mod in the right way with the bootstrap.config, does the client merge the configs ?
    For example the quests.config: If I add a new quests.config in my mod directory I don't want to replace the default one (I wanna merge or extend them :/ ).
    If not, and that is what I'm thinking right now, the mod is probably dedicated after the next update and this seriously sucks, because of the patch you fire out after updates.

    And the second question is: Is there a list of config attributes I can use?
    I really have some trouble with testing new content, because I have no idea what I can use. (atm. its like brute force the attributes :D )

    And the last one: Is there a dev mode or dev client for testing?
    I don't need that chucklefish thing every time I start the game for testing.
  2. Ceetee

    Ceetee Void-Bound Voyager

    The bootloader only replaces, not merging yet. The current (temporary) solutions are to either have the user manually add the recipes into player.config (or in the case of quests, manually edit the progression or rewards), or as an even more temporary alternative for recipes, you can have an item made in a smelter or campfire, as neither of them require you to know a recipe to craft an item with them, and then have the crafted item give the needed blueprints.

    There is no documentation for us to use yet, sadly, and I doubt there will be until we are closer to release. Everything we have learned about modding so far has very much just been people picking apart the files to see what happens when you change things.
  3. silom

    silom Space Spelunker

    Oh dear, maybe I should wait some weeks before modding this game with big new content.

    But thanks for the reply ;)
  4. kieve

    kieve Intergalactic Tourist

    No need to wait for modding. Can always work with what you have, then improve it as the API improves. If the API prevents you from making your dream mod, pointing that out to the devs could help the API grow and mature.

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