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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by wilmann12346, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. wilmann12346

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    I wonder if you could add that NPC's could be your follower and help you fight and help you eks. mining,fighting,collecting and many other stuff! to get a follower you just need to do the quest's or help them out if they are being attacked. please add this me and my brother thought this was a great idea!:nuruhappy:
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  2. DrakoGlyph

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    Spawning npcs has a Follower nd follow guard... maybe they have this planned?
  3. Yobi

    Yobi Space Spelunker

    I'd prefer an animal but hey maybe both! And even add armor, weapons to them etc. Oh boy lets hope they see this and like this! :D
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  4. Fairy Pinkett

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    Maybe add in npc relations as a sort of thing, if you and a npc converse enough (They would have to add a rpg element for conversation.) You could fill up a quest interactoin type thing.

    Where the npc will talk to you asking for items, maybe for yout o cook it some food- help it travel to a differant planet or something like that.
    At the end of the quest line they ask if they can join your crew.

    Your ship would gain a room which the new crewmate would stay in. When you beam down to a planets surface, the crew mate beams down with you - but only AFTER you have given them a weapon to use.
    If you beam down and they do not have a weapon, they will give you a message like this "The surface of this planet is scary for me to go unarmed." And you'll have to give them a weapon to use and some armor. They will equip the armor underneath their normal clothes, and such.
    Then they beam down.
    To have it do specific job you would probably need to give them items.
    Aka If you want them to mine - give them some pickaxes.
    If you want them to farm, give them a hoe and watering can.
    By default with the weapon, they would follow you around.
    IF you give them an item to have them complete a specific job though - they will go attend to that task.

    This puts them in danger of dying if you do not follow them, but perhaps the game - if you have multiple crew members. Could think about allowing them to travel as a group.
    Maybe a command prompt or screen when you use E on a npc, which opens up a chat box type deal

    If you type in a command "Mine." for instance, the npc will gather the items that you have provided in their inventory and complete it.
    Npcs should also have names to make this easier
    For instance if you have - lets say an animal follower
    You give them the command "Follow Anaka." and they will just stay with her.
    They will auto attack enemies - and gather the loot that they drop.
    When everyone goes up to the space ship at the end of the day, they will deposit all inventory items into crates in their room. So you may go view and gather it.

    They will inform you if all available space is used up, and will be unable to carry or deposit more items.

    *Just a brain storm session.*
  5. Garbudah

    Garbudah Space Hobo

    I have thought this for some time now, there totally should be a crew. Should have a pilot who flies the ship and can fly in low for a deep planet beam out on a cooldown and maybe have it where you can send them out in a small shuttle pod with unwanted items to sell, a doctor who you can have linked to a bed and a storage unit with med supplies in it to be healed faster, an engineer who you can link up to all your crafting stations plus storage units with materials so all you have to do is talk to them for all your crafting recipes, the cook also links to all your cooking stations and storage units with cooking materials in them then talk to them for all your cooking recipes, and security might help you on missions or assist exploring planets or hold on to a prisoner till you turn them in for a bounty. Each crew member has their own quest chain, should be able to equip items, and should be able to be linked up with interactive items so they will walk from one to the other clicking things and doing stuff.
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