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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by BrainDDOS, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. BrainDDOS

    BrainDDOS Guest


    I am currently making a mod manager using Python 2.7. An issue arose when I wanted 1 mod's assets to override another. However, it was a pain to unpack and reorder the mods using the unpacker and editing the metadata file.

    So I thought, why not batch do this for all?

    Currently, I stopped working on it because it seems the community would do fine without it? Would anybody be interested?

    Here are the features so far:
    DONE :​
    • Only works for Steam mods (must select the folder)
    • Must select Starbound folder to pinpoint the unpacker and repacker
    • Unpacks all mods at once and stores them in their individual folders (based on Steam workshop ID) inside the mod organizer program directory
    • Can backup all mods (copy and paste) before unpacking if reordering causes problems
    • List all mods important details (author, priority, description, version, etc.) by batch reading all .metadata and _metadata files. This list is seen like one akin to Mod Organizer (if you played Skyrim before)
    • Everything is done using Tkinter, a graphical user interface, so no Python programming experience needed. Only need to install Python 2.7
    PLANNED :​
    • Allows simple reordering by changing priority via a text-box or dragging and dropping
    • Assigns Starbound order priority by default (by reading the Starbound log file) to prevent issues. From here, you can reorder what you need
    • Once satisfied, batch packs all mods and replaces Steam mods and their respective directories. Steam does not check if folder has been edited (unless you verify integrity). Issues may arise from mods auto-updating from Steam Workshop
    • Allow export of mod-list and can be imported easily due to each mod having a unique Steam Workshop ID
    I've committed many hours to this project, but I am not sure if it is needed in the community, so I have stopped.

    I also saw that there are other mod managers out there. Also, editing metadata files may not be the best way to reorder mods (?).

    Let me know your thoughts and whether I should continued this project! :)
  2. icegriffon

    icegriffon Star Wrangler

    I'm still new to this...Does mod order matter in SB? If so, hoes are they ordered and how can one re-order them (non-Steam play)?
    The manager seems useful much as I understand. The Steam Workshop auto-update support may be useful, I read people use that feature.
  3. BrainDDOS

    BrainDDOS Guest

    From what I gathered, mod order does not cause many issues other than some things replacing others. It could be useful in a sense. I've seen mods use priority 9999 and others have a list of mods in the "includes" section just to avoid incompatibilities. In a sense, it would put mod compatibility an issue of the user rather than the mod creator. It may create more mods for the community if this becomes standard (like Skyrim), but may increase the need for troubleshooting.

    In terms of Steam updating mods, I was thinking using the mod manager I am creating as a launcher for the game. Since it needs Steam, it would check if the folder was modified compared to the last time it was updated. If so, it would just edit that metadata file to have the correct user priority.

    It would not work for non-Steam play. It could be possible, but for me it would be alot of extra work. Not sure if the community would want this which is why I created the original post to gauge community interest.
  4. Nikoh

    Nikoh Space Hobo

    Hi, i am very interested to, i am don't understand how peoples can set up a public server without this feature.....
    The only way is disabling mods verification by server then what good is it if it can't be used?
    If i set up a public server i need to verify clients mods then autorize to (or not to) connect but now digest seems working almost random because each client and server with same mods make different one.
    Your job i think is only way to set up a public server.... please don't stop this job

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