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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Nicholas112, May 6, 2018.

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    I made a Discord Group purely for the Stardew Valley Community! I'm trying to make this Group alive now that the Multiplayer Beta is out! People can meet here, hang out, chat, and even use voice chat! I hope you're willing to give this a shot and meet a lot of new people!

    Current features:

    We have a music bot, Which means you can play your own music in a voice chat with others!
    We have a Steam bot so you can easily look up friends or new people that you want to play with!
    We have Custom Stardew Valley Emojis which everybody can use!
    We have custom roles too! :)

    If you're willing to gives this a try (And hopefully stay!) this could grow into a big social community made for Stardew Valley!

    Discord link is here:
    Hope to see you there!
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      Both invites are expired
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        The community Discord I joined only has 3 channels on which none that anyone is allowed to post! Any ideas on a discord with active players ? Both the top links are invalid!
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          here is a link to the discord invite for the official Stardew Valley discord. Enjoy!

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