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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jason2012, May 17, 2017.

  1. Jason2012

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    Hi Chucklefish, Coincernedape, and forum
    Just looking at the community center, and I feel the Kitchen and Pantry should be two seperate bundle completion sets. The Pantry can use the current selection of items required however, the kitchen I feel should have more to do with recipes, for example you need to complete Fish recipes x 4, Bakery Recipes x 3, Fruit Recipes x 4, Vegetable Recipes x 4, and Forage recipes x 3. It could be a second step in order to unlock the greenhouse. Just to add an extra challenge to the game, and to utilize the house kitchen as I'm sure not everyone uses it. What do you all think?​
    Unfortunatley I don't know what the Joja warehouse looks like as I've never wanted to convert the Community Center to Joja. I'm sure the rest of the forum can comment on that. :)
    Thanks Jason
    • Chris776

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      they are the same for a reason, if you look at the stars its already been decided and cannot add another star (depends if he can put an additional star in the middle)

      i do think the community center should be available in decorating the exterior atleast and the inside requires a bit more of lighting, because i have noticed that the lighting inside is still the same as they were from before they were repaired, and also the characters should be able to enter the community center, have a different event such as mayor lewis invites you to come to the community center for an activity that day when you receive a notification via mailbox.

      the community center is rather empty all the time after the cutscene on morris that he gets kicked out of pelican town, it requires some few more cutscenes and dialogues and npcs coming in the community like george coming inside for 12~4 playing chest, or the children and "your" kids have fun inside the community center.
      there is so much to be made on 1 single game! i do hope i could support CA and the team not just by paying for the product or suggesting ideas, but rather to have help them indirectly like a mail and such, would be good and all.

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