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Bug/Issue Community Center Bundle bug - and a maybe bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by haxbagoosh, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. haxbagoosh

    haxbagoosh Space Hobo

    I noticed a bug when playing yesterday that I thought I should report.

    Bug 1:
    I completed the quality crops bundle (which was the last bundle in the pantry I needed to complete) and hit E to close the menu instead of clicking. This triggered the scene where the Junimos dance and say something since I completed all the bundles in the pantry. Because I hit E instead of clicking, not only did I not receive the Preserves Jar that I was supposed to get, the Junimo sprite that carries the bundle back to the hut was empty handed (he was carrying nothing when he should have the bundle in hand). Luckily he still put up a star on the wall and the Greenhouse was still finished the next day.

    Bug 2: This should maybe have its own thread...but anyway, when I got my Greenhouse I went to grab my two Ancient Seeds that I had been saving. When I looked in the box they were gone! This might not be a bug, it is possible I threw them away at some point (all though I think that is very unlikely). So I don't know if the patch deleted them somehow or if something else happened. I'd had them sitting in there for a few seasons.

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