Bug/Issue Community bundle error?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MInnieMin, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. MInnieMin

    MInnieMin Space Hobo

    Hello! I'm having a problem opening the bundles in the community center while in the co-op mode?
    I have the Beta installed on my computer, but I'm not sure that that's the problem... Every time I go to the community center to donate, and try to click on the bundles, nothing happens. Please help?
    • PurpleSkyHoliday

      PurpleSkyHoliday Void-Bound Voyager

      Seconding this one! My clients can't click on the stone tablet to start the wizard's first quest. It just doesn't interact at all.
      • classyturtle7

        classyturtle7 Space Hobo

        The same thing is happening with me. I hosted a game with one other player and when I triggered the cutscene for the community center, the other player’s screen mirrored mine playing out the cutscene, but with my character. After the cutscene was over, I could interact with the community center foraging bundle, but the other player could not. We decided to restart a new game and this time the other player was hosting. The same thing happened again.
        • Pinion

          Pinion Space Hobo

          I have the same problem, but it happened suddenly. For about a month in game I (a client) could put stuff in the community centre, but now sometime at the end of Spring Year 1 I can no longer interact with the tablets.
          • MInnieMin

            MInnieMin Space Hobo

            Hi! I don't know how, but the today, when we started playing once again, it worked perfectly fine. I believe, it was just a bug that lasted for a short while, but I can't be sure!
            • Blorp

              Blorp Big Damn Hero

              This problem was fixed in 1.3.17 (yesterday's patch), and was the result of a fix in an earlier version.

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