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Server Discussion CommandStar: Real-Time Chat, Online Players, and Server Status

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Seriallos, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I've been thinking about features like this and I think my main direction is going to be to have CommandStar primarily be an informational tool for everyone that plays on the server and leave all the admin features to the other guys building those tools (who are doing a better job of it right now!). At this moment, I do NOT have plans to build functionality like banning, account management, server management, and the like. So admin-specific functionality may not ever show up in CommandStar - if it does, it'll be far in the future.
  2. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I'm hoping to implement something like this since different servers have different needs. On my own server which is just for friends and coworkers, I'm going to display player locations so we know where other folks are. However, it's clear that it's important for a lot of admins running large, public servers need to have a bit more control over this information.

    The frontend code is getting complex enough that I'm looking at rewriting it to use one of the powerful frontend frameworks like Angular or Ember (and use it as an excuse to learn more about them anyway!). One of the primary engineering goals will be to make what is displayed on the frontend configurable so that admins can tweak it to fit their server.
  3. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I added basic support for this a couple of days ago - you can see it running on the demo site: http://commandstar.munshot.com:8080/. In the Server Info panel, the Access field will display "Open" if there is an empty password in the config file or "Password Protected" if the server is using a password. Right now this is only loaded when the commandstar process is started so I may need to look into watching the config file for changes and updating the website when it happens. I'll make a note of this in my TODOs
  4. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I am capturing all of that information from the logs but as far as I'm aware, there's no way to look at the log message and actually know which planet it is in-game. If someone knows how those numbers map to the in-game map, it's really easy to add them back in.
  5. wolvern

    wolvern Orbital Explorer

    request, restart server with timer ability.... or a memory / ram checker to make sure it's not having a memory leak... server hits 4gb with 3-6 people... knows it needs restarting...

    I need to make my own post soon to ask people what load rates are like without the leak condition... 10-15-20 or so... to see where the server's safe levels are

    random figures would at least give a graph of where it should be even with everyone on diff planets

    6 people - 3 planets = 1.135 gb ram

    15 people - 6-7 planets = 1.387 gb ram... kinda near the figures i get ... leak... 3-16 players 3.84 gb ram :rofl:
  6. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I would take a look at the other tools popping up in this forum. Server management tools are low on my list and I don't plan on working on them for a while, if ever.
  7. wolvern

    wolvern Orbital Explorer

    Good thing I already started on that side then xD
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  8. shibdib

    shibdib Starship Captain

  9. shibdib

    shibdib Starship Captain

    How do we deal with long names? if you look at the link above I have someone named "^#00FFFF;T^#00FFFF;u^#00FFFF;r^#00FFFF;d^#00FFFF;d^#00FFFF;l^#00FFFF;e"

    And it jacks up the chat

  10. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I was just looking at your site and noticed that. I'll fix that tonight by setting a maximum width of the name column in the table. I'll likely also just remove the color commands for now as well to keep both names and chat a bit cleaner. I may end up supporting the color command at some point - I'll need to play with it and see how it looks.
  11. shibdib

    shibdib Starship Captain

    Sounds good.. I also need to center that iframe.. it's bugging the crap outta me :p

    edit, centered :D
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2013
  12. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    Made a couple updates to the master branch in GitHub
    • Long player names will be cut off rather than royally screwing up the chat panel
    • Color codes are removed from player names and chat messages
    • Various issues with some chat strings fixed (HTML tags wouldn't show up or could mess up the page)
    I think those should clear up most of the layout issues, @shibdib
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  13. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    0.1.3 Released - Lots of small fixes and tweaks!

    Most of these have been discussed in the thread but there's now a nice, single ZIP/TGZ you can grab!


    • Configurable server description
    • Display max number of players
    • Display Open/Password Protected server status
    • Configurable Custom CSS support
    • Slash commands are ignored
    • Chat color tokens are ignored
    • Long player names no longer break layout
    • Various chat display tweaks (table style, HTML encoding, etc)
    • Configurable number of chat messages to retain
      • Fixes long initial page load and memory issues
    • Project passes coffeelint
    • doTests.sh script to easily run all tests
  14. Mortalsinn

    Mortalsinn Zero Gravity Genie

    Works amazingly, thank you!
  15. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    Bah, couple small bugs got through. The master branch has a fix for players with multiple color codes in their name or chat. That didn't make it into 0.1.3 - however, it does properly cut off long player names to avoid really nasty layout problems.
  16. shibdib

    shibdib Starship Captain

    Wherever it's pulling maxplayers from doesn't seem to be working.
  17. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    Which file do you use for your server configuration? Is that set up in the commandstar config?

    Right now, it defaults to looking at the starbound.config in your binPath. If that file doesn't have maxPlayers set, it guesses that max players is 8 (I believe that's the default that comes with the current version of the game).

    I might need to figure out if I have to parse multiple config files to make sure I have all the right data available.
  18. shibdib

    shibdib Starship Captain

    Ya I don't even have the option in that config. I'll add it and see if it updates (after a restart of the .bat it does)
  19. TheOtherDrew

    TheOtherDrew Big Damn Hero

    I for the life of me can not get this to work. I have tried on Ubuntu 12.04 and Server 2008
    The same error shows up. It is exactly the same.
    I have tried to run under admin and regular user.
    I have used UNIX and Windows/DOS End of Lines.
    Nothing I have done works.
    Link to pic of the error, showing error and config info.

    I tried single quotes, double quotes. and adding "\" at the end of the directory.

    None of that worked.
    I tried adding TAB and between 1 and 4 space characters before the lines. Nothing worked.
    I got some parsing error complaints due to YAML, Not sure what to do.
  20. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    The path configurations need to be under the 'starbound' configuration, like so:

     binPath: /opt/starbound/bin
     assetsPath: /opt/starbound/assets
     dataPath: /opt/starbound/bin/universe
     logFile: /opt/starbound/bin/starbound_server.log
     configFile: /opt/starbound/bin/starbound.config
    It looks like yours are on their own which is what's causing the problem.

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