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Server Discussion CommandStar: Real-Time Chat, Online Players, and Server Status

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Seriallos, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. germyliok

    germyliok Intergalactic Tourist

    Im not on windows, I use linux mint 16.
  2. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    Gotcha, the machine name just looked very Windows-y.

    Does the script just hang there at that point?

    What happens if you run the following:

    ./node_modules/coffee-script/bin/coffee server.coffee
    Also run the following commands and paste the full output (command and output) if you can:

    node -v
    npm -v
    npm test
    The first two just to check version, the third should try to run the code tests.
  3. supernet2

    supernet2 Existential Complex

    i have a question, which scripts do i modify to disable whisper commands from being shown (/w) because this essentially eliminates my users privacy when it comes to their conversations via /w commands. Also... what script can i delete, or remove or modify to disable world values? i'd like to show # of worlds shown, not # of worlds + exact coordinates (Dont want my players going on a griefing rampage with detailed statistics of where their at.
  4. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    I haven't written code yet to ignore whispers or slash commands. That should happen in the next couple of days when I have a bit of free time.

    Similarly for world coordinates, there is no clean way to disable that right now. As a temporary measure if you're comfortable with HTML, you can delete the panel divs that contain the world information in public/index.html but the coordinates will still show up in the API if you have crafty players.
  5. supernet2

    supernet2 Existential Complex

    i was debating on that, didn't wanna break the code though, not familiar much with py although it looks similar to some php (is it?) anyway thanks for making such a beautiful gui. Where'd you learn py? and any suggestions on where to learn or read up on it?
  6. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    It's neither - it's written using coffescript (a language that "compiles" directly into javascript) on the nodejs runtime. I've been using Node/Coffee off and on for a couple of years now. Built a couple of projects, read a few books, googled lots of questions. It all requires a pretty good knowledge of javascript and some understanding of asynchronous programming (though node makes that a lot easier).
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  7. wolvern

    wolvern Orbital Explorer


    win 7 x64 with iis / mysql

    problem i run into atm is the coffee.server which the only thing i've found on it was to run mimosa -new but that didn't work out... i tried parts of your script...

    the reason i changed it with pathing was because running it as admin causes it to use c:\windows\system32 to install loose files which alone is bad suggestion for users to mess with...

    the install CPM thus failed straight up with errors till i re-pathed it but still stuck on coffee.server....

  8. wolvern

    wolvern Orbital Explorer

    if you want a simple way... look at secondlife....they use IRC input into the game to chat heaps!!... script is near basic C# which makes it so easy but the main issue i'd find it getting it to direct into the game... i thought about a server mod as well that keeps checking for updates but for now i'm more interested in making a php testing unit that checks for massive spikes in memory on the server which can thus alert me to a memory leak for restart.

    i'm using phpsysinfo script and working with that first.
  9. Kneesocks

    Kneesocks Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thanks for this! :> I got it working great. It's exactly what I was looking for.
  10. FuzzyThor

    FuzzyThor Existential Complex

    I have successfully integrated command star with my servers website can be seen at http://sb.fuzzyfrontier.com:8080/
    Cheers Seriallos. This is currently the only way to see who is online. Hope to see an admin panel for this soon so we can moderate the server remotely.
  11. supernet2

    supernet2 Existential Complex

    thx founnd it

    out += ': ';
    out += world.x;
    out += ', ';
    out += world.y;

    Removing that keeps people from knowing no more than the active worlds not the coords, thanks!
  12. bkg

    bkg Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Some News on this ? :)
  13. FuzzyThor

    FuzzyThor Existential Complex

    In my personal opinion I think you should have two chat logs one that hides the slashes where anyone can see and one where just the admins can see that show everything even commands that are used.
  14. wolvern

    wolvern Orbital Explorer

    What is really needed, checkboxes... Or a config with true / false options for what people want to show....

    After the other command mod I used had an issue with kicking people with spaces in their name I'm eager to see how this one does with it all...
  15. germyliok

    germyliok Intergalactic Tourist

    node -v doesnt work. Although, it is installed. Tried to reinstall all. Nothing works, lol. npm does not want to download, node doesnt want to delete. I will try another DE, and reply later about all.
  16. Mortalsinn

    Mortalsinn Zero Gravity Genie

    not sure if this is a realistic request or even if it's possible but is there a way for this to detect if the server is white listed and then display that status on the page? I run my server white listed while I sleep / work and open it to the public in the evenings / weekends when I'm around. It would be really cool for the status page to show this.

    Or...this might make it easier - some sort of manual control or a true / false config with a reload and then we could manually set the status to be displayed to the users.
  17. identy

    identy Void-Bound Voyager

    Very Nice ! :)
  18. my 2cent contrib to you seriallos if you are interested to add bit more precision between Visited systems and Landed ship I do this in Pinda's panel slightly modified

                    //Info: Creating world beta:-96767877:-60800944:-22921694:9:8
    else if(preg_match("!Info\:\s*Creating\s*world\s*([^:]+\:[^:]+\:[^:]+)!i"$line$val))
    strlen($val[1]) > 0) {
    $this->systems[$val[1]] = 0;
    //Info: Loading world db for world beta:-96767877:-60800944:-22921694:9:11
    else if(preg_match("!Info\:\s*Loading\s*world\s*db\s*for\s*world\s*(([^:]+\:[^:]+\:[^:]+)\:[^:]+\:[^:\s]+)!i"$line$val))
    strlen($val[2]) > 0) {
    $this->systems[$val[2]] = 0;
    strlen($val[1]) > 0) {
    $this->systems_active[$val[1]] = 1;
    //Info: Shutting down world beta:-96767877:-60800944:-22921694:9:11
    else if(preg_match("!Info\:\s*Shutting\s*down\s*world\s*([^:]+\:[^:]+\:[^:]+\:[^:]+\:[^:\s]+)!i"$line$val))
    strlen($val[1]) > 0) {
    $this->systems_active[$val[1]] = 0;
    demo: http://class101.org:55100
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  19. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    Try the latest version of runServer.bat from the master branch of the GitHub repo. I made a few changes to the script to run properly as an admin - the main thing it needs to do is change directory to where the BAT file is.
  20. Seriallos

    Seriallos Space Penguin Leader

    He pretty much has the file decoded. We'll probably work on integrating his code with mine over the weekend. There is a huge problem right now - we don't have a way to map the player name to the client UUID so the only thing we'll be able to display is that someone is on a planet.

    In addition, I haven't figured out the planetary body / satellite body scheme yet. The game log uses numbers that don't map to the planet numbers. You'll be on planet VIII, satellite A but the log uses planet 10, satellite 9. I'll look and ask around but I don't know if anyone has a way to map the log numbers to the in-game planet names / numbers.

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