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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mollygos, Mar 6, 2017.

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    • Jareix Cryvix

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      "MERCIA! FUCK YEAH!" -battlecry of Merica's soldiers
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      • pedruben

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        "Be careful though, for if they fall, the battle is lost!"

        Well, that's definitely any interesting idea. So keeping your commander alive will be like keeping your king alive in chess. Now what's left to know is if each character as the power of a King or a Queen piece.
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        • Gimmepickles

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          I can't wait to learn about how Nuru got into the Wargroove business!
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          • Iaeyan Elyuex

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            Yes! That armor looks like it can actually stop something! Thank you for choosing function over form!
            • komodo52

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              Suggestion: knowing that you added Nuru to War Groove, what if you also added Asra Nox as a commander with her ARMY OF CULTISTS :nurugasp:
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              • Colony

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                She rockin' that battle scar!
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                • Inferus[RF]

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                  "I'll give her another!"
                  • MasterGeneral

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                    So commanders die and you lose the game. Similar to howTotal War Warhammer works. Interesting Idea. This could work. It could also potentially fail. If you win the game by killing the commander, I would rush Air and bombard the commander until it dies if it doesn't have innate anti air capability. I fear the player will have to always keep anti air handy or they can be trolled and lose the game fast? Just how Tough are these commanders. Is it the only objective or way to the win the game? Can you capture the capital city?

                    A similar thing happened in Total Annihilation. If you rushed air you could kill the enemy commander quickly and unless they built to defend against it they would lose fast. I am guessing you can scout and know what the enemy is building. That would help counter that...

                    I'm making assumptions here...
                    • MasterGeneral

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                      Killing the enemy commander would be really cool to have Boss commanders that are super hard to kill. That would be fun as hell! I could mod bosses for maps.
                      • MasterGeneral

                        MasterGeneral Space Hobo

                        Is it possible to heal friendly units that are damaged I also wonder?

                        Like a shaman/ healer unit. I think that would be a cool edition. A support healer unit. Very fragile and expensive. To balance it out, you could limit it so that each unit can only receive one stack of heals per turn.

                        You could create a unique healer based on the theme of each army. It would work beautifully.
                        • Bamboozler

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                          Mercia heals surrounding units when she heals herself.

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