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Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by Anushka.C, May 3, 2016.

  1. Anushka.C

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    For readers and writers/drawers that do/read comics, what do you suggest on things like planning out panels or making bubbles that lead the reader around the page correctly?
    I'm starting my second page of my comic and it's already turning out better with clearing up confusion on where you go to to read th next line, but I'd still love suggestions!
    Plus this could help others who want to start up comics, //and if you want I can help with that too.
    • MagicallyClueless

      MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

      I am not an expert in making comics AT ALL, but no one has really seemed to complain about anything with my comics so I'll just say this:

      when first starting out, simple is good. You don't need to do fancy angles or different shaped panels, especially if you don't have a hang of it yet. i used to want to make comics so badly, but the formatting of comic pages always threw me off because i could never do them correctly and it was really awkward for me to try to draw in those constrained spaces.

      so, just do whatever you want, and have fun with it! worry about cleaning up and organizing afterwards. all of my comics have been panels stacked on each other, and while simple, i think people still find it entertaining enough. i think when i do more, i'll try more "traditional" comics, but for now the simple route is working for me.

      with words, I usually write them first and make an appropriate bubble size for it. If the bubble ends up too big and obnoxious though, I make it smaller and make the text smaller to accommodate for it. I'm not terribly complicated with comics, I can't emphasize this enough. But, some advice is better than none at all. xD
      • Anushka.C

        Anushka.C Guest

        Ah thanks so much for the advice! It really does help, and advanced panels man -^-
        They sometimes suck.
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        • Satashi26

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          Try Manga Studio! It's what most of my friends use. It's a loooooot cheaper than Photoshop, and is almost as good. But I think it comes with panel stuff. There is a free trial! Give it a look see.
          • Anushka.C

            Anushka.C Guest

            I do have that, if I remember, so I'll see about it!

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