Digital [Comic] Avian Handie C. Rafter's Starbound Adventure

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Tyle, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Moor Oakheart

    Moor Oakheart Giant Laser Beams

    Talking about Novakid mechanic, my Novakid crew is also a mechanic.
  2. Tyle

    Tyle Phantasmal Quasar


    happy 2022! Hope ya'll have a good one.
  3. Coolorino

    Coolorino Intergalactic Tourist

    giv moar now

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  4. Vurrunna

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    Hey man, it's good to be excited and all that, but it's important to remember that these comics take a lot of time and effort to produce, and their creators deserve a bit of understanding and patience between updates (especially here, since she literally updated it just last week). In these periods of waiting it's generally better to talk about the comic, rather than tell the creator to make more faster. If you're really just in dire need of more fan content, I'd recommend checking through some of the older threads here on the forums, or checking around on DeviantArt--there may only be a couple of active Starbound artists now, but there's a considerable backlog of material if you're a new fan looking for stuff to enjoy. :)
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  5. Coolorino

    Coolorino Intergalactic Tourist

    Thank you!

    Edit: Aqu really thought shoving feathers into a teleporter core would work. I think they're gonna get vaporized...
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    @Coolorino Couple things to mention here. Stacking posts is generally frowned on. Wait for someone else to reply first or use the edit button to amend your post. I've merged your posts. Also, one word posts are not allowed as they can be seen as spam. Please include at least a full sentence in your posts.
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  7. Coolorino

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    Sorry! I guess I really didn't read the forum rules thoroughly, I'll make sure to use full sentences!

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