Come watch us develop the game LIVE!

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  1. Leth

    Leth Risk of Rain & Wanderlust

    If you want to keep up on the progress of Wanderlust Adventures, D2king10 and I stream while we work on the game (twitch).
    (Matthew Griffin - Coding)
    (Jason Gordy - Art)

    (Lauren Feehery - Art)

    Here, we work on the game in real-time while immediately responding to fans questions, critiques, and suggestions. We also make general commentary about Game Development and the Indie Industry as a whole, so if you're interested in these things then be sure to follow us!
    • A1Legged

      A1Legged Void-Bound Voyager

      Will be there!
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      • Ethelon

        Ethelon Space Hobo

        Followed. I'll try to hop on if I remember to check notifications.
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