Come 1.1, Who ya gonna marry?

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If applicable, who are you marrying in your next save?

  1. Same spouse as before!

    18 vote(s)
  2. Shane/Emily!

    62 vote(s)
  3. One of the other bachelor(ette)s!

    19 vote(s)
  4. I fly solo!

    3 vote(s)
  1. MagicallyClueless

    MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

    i know we have some threads a little similar to this, but i'm curious!
    This may be applicable for people who are starting a new save, but it's still interesting to think about. I know a ton of people are going for Shane and maybe a couple for Emily, then there are losers like me who can only stay with one spouse.

    So, what are your plans for 1.1? Anything you're hoping for marriage or dialogue wise? Excited for new cut scenes?
    • benevapwnz

      benevapwnz Void-Bound Voyager

      Shane coz a depressed grumpy drunkhead just makes me wanna take care of him and give him so much love and support that he'll heal inside.
      • Lilliput

        Lilliput Supernova

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        • Dwarfus

          Dwarfus Big Damn Hero

          Gonna hop aboard the Shane Train myself! Also gonna change my farmer's name to Sawyer while I'm at it.
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          • Ambaaargh

            Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

            All aboard the shane train! Choo choo~

            Honestly though it's a mix of both. I'm revamping some of my other saves for the new maps but intend to re-pursue some spouses I already had...I'm keeping one of my spouses on my primary first save that isn't being redone at all...and I plan to pursue Shane.

            So I voted on the pursuing Shane one because that is likely the thing I will do first. To me its like what better way to roll in all that new content by pursuing a new content spouse. I'd be way too worried about opening my primary save first and possibly getting buried in out of sequence events due to having everything maxed there. I wanna see all this content as it comes out. :rofl:
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            • LuthienNightwolf

              LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

              Another one for Seb, of course. Probably just Firefly Hollow version 2. Something to explore all the new goodies slowly while still maintaining some of the familiar.

              And then Shane. Then Sam. Then maybe Leah and Abby. A different farmer for each one though, I want to branch out a bit with the new stuff. Its going to take a looooong time to cycle through that many saves though, the rate I play now it takes a week per season, and I try to do at least 5 years on a save guys can do the math there. lol
              • Ghostly Fox

                Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                Shane, will be my official husbando instead of me sadly holding onto the bouquet for years.

                Soon he will take the darn flowers. SOON.
                • ciphermandy

                  ciphermandy 2.7182818284590...

                  Shane! Which I am so excited for.
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                  • Corraidhín

                    Corraidhín Supernova

                    Hmm... ill stick to Maru... or Leah, maybe once I decide which Layout I will stick it will help me decide who to pick next :3
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                    • Phaena

                      Phaena Void-Bound Voyager

                      Maru, Leah or Elliot.

                      I also wasn't sure but do same-sex couples still end up with kids?
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                      • Ambaaargh

                        Ambaaargh Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                        Yeah. You have the option to adopt. Its pretty much the same bed-time prompt but instead of do you want a baby its pretty much "do you want to adopt a baby" :rofl:
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                        • MagicallyClueless

                          MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                          in addition to what Ambaaargh said above (which is, yes! you can adopt kids!), you can choose to not adopt kids also, but the prompt to say yes/no occasionally comes up when you have your spouse at the max heart level. right now, same sex couples and diff sex couples have pretty much the same prompt except it's adoption vs. getting pregnant and having kids.

                          maybe it'll be improved upon or added to in 1.1 but we'll see
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                          • Phaena

                            Phaena Void-Bound Voyager

                            That was my main concern. Before I knew anything about the game, I assumed it would only be male/female relationships like HM so I'm glad it's not.
                            • Minimanta

                              Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                              Definitely Shane :)
                              And then eventually the rest of the bachelor(ette)s I haven't married yet.
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                              • RaineShadow

                                RaineShadow Industrial Terraformer

                                One save for Shane and one for Emily, definitely. Emily is such a cheerful, bubbly person (and I like her blue hair) so I'm interested to see how CA will expand her personality. And Shane, he'd be perfect for the farm and he has a great storyline. Plus additional dialogue from all the other villagers doesn't hurt.
                                • TinySpaceFox

                                  TinySpaceFox Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  If I could, I'd have 12 save files in total - one for each marriage candidate. I've already got one for Penny. Currently, in no particular order, Emily, Shane, Alex, Sebastian, Abigail, and Haley are top priority - partly because I know the least about them. I've kinda spoiled the others' heart events for myself thanks to the wiki. I'm so nosey :V
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                                  • Dwarfus

                                    Dwarfus Big Damn Hero

                                    You know, I just realized something: All of the bachelors and bachelorettes dance with each other at the Flower Dance, right? Could that mean that Shane and Emily will dance together in the update? Well, when you haven't romanced one of them yet, of course. I suppose it really would make sense, especially given their interaction in one scene at the Saloon.
                                    • MagicallyClueless

                                      MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                                      yeah, i'm guessing they'll be included in the dance. maybe the dance will be different or there will be~~~TWO~~~ flower queens to even things out
                                      • CjBeats

                                        CjBeats Weight of the Sky

                                        Shane Shane Shane! Shane is my bestie so it's only appropriate I make a save for him. I'm also gonna make another for Abby, but Shane first.
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                                        • Sabram

                                          Sabram Starship Captain

                                          Going to have one file for Emily, but I'm going to make a wilderness farm and marry Abby again.
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