Tutorial Combination Lock

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    Here we go, this is a combination lock, I appologize for how it looks but I tried to make it as simple as I could. The solution for this one is 4234
    The first image just shows what you have to lay down.
    The second shows the connection to the locks.
    The last one shows how you have to set up the reset button. Basically just wire it to every single lower blue button of every single persistent switch.

    The little sets of 3 basically ignore a single button push, and the last set of three locks the set off if it is pushed to many times.[DOUBLEPOST=1432976631][/DOUBLEPOST]This is ment to use in missions >.> thats why it was in the modding area x.x[DOUBLEPOST=1432978546][/DOUBLEPOST]This could be used to make a clock now that I look it over.....

    Instead of a button use a one second timer, have 10 and have the output of each link to a persestant switch and the input of the next link to the off of that switch... the last one with a momentary delay to hit the persestant switch of the 0 one and hit one pulse up to the nest row.
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