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Bug/Issue Colonist Spawning Issue

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Chiyo_Sumizome, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Chiyo_Sumizome

    Chiyo_Sumizome Aquatic Astronaut

    I created a colonist by putting down pretty and valuable objects (to spawn a socialite) and ended up accidentally pulling of the Colony Spwaner while she was mid spawn (I wanted to move the spawner and expected her to despawn). Instead of her despwaning, she started walking around and acting like a normal colonist. To make matters worse, as I replaced the spawner, another tenant appeared. It seemed to be just fine until she started asking me to do quests for her. After I would help her out, the whole game would freeze and crash. Te freezing and crashing will happen anytime I finish a quest for her. I have no logs, there is not Starbound.log in my game folder.

    Here is the list of mods I run:

    Tenant Pack (15+ tenants)
    Item Frame
    Enhanced Storage
    Zelda Music Replacer (soundtrack)
    Not another Starbound Pack (for instruments)
    Sound Bound Video Games (Instruments)
    More seeds, No fibre (starbound 1.2) (farming)
    Craftable smashables
    Ceiling mounted sprinklers
    Barren Planet Noise Patch
    Enhanced Matter Manipulator
    Tracer Blink and Tracer Blink Invulnerability Patch
    Food Stack
    Stasis - Simply AFK
    Extra Fossil Game Tools
    EZs Hunger For Casual
    EZ No Pixel Loss For Casual
    Extended Furniture Crafting
    Craftable Sod Blocks
    Menu Music - Zelda's 25th Anniversary
    No Fall Damage
    No More Echirus Ghost
    Compact Crops
    Faster Farming
    No Rotting Food
    Food Rarity (rarity only)
    Perennial Crops
    Pixel Goods Store
    Custom Collections UI
    Trading Cards
    Instant Crafting
    Make The Universe A Cuter Place

    All of my mods were running smoothly and had no issues until I messed up with this tenant.

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