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Colonies: v1.0.0 [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Outdated Mods' started by severedskullz, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. I will when its possible. ;)
  2. Pete666

    Pete666 Space Hobo

    I've just noticed, that I can't dismantle a colony beacon with my pick axe, so I was wondering, if there is any way to get rid of a built up colony beacon? Cause let's say, you'd try it on your space ship, just for a short try... ;-)
  3. It is deliberately hard to break. Easiest way is to mine the blocks underneath, but in the case of it being on the ship you will just have to sit there and whack at it with a pickaxe.
  4. At the end of next week, I have a surprise for you guys... Recoding the entire thing from scratch, so expect MASSIVE improvements.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  5. juran

    juran Intergalactic Tourist

    Awesome mod!
    I just have a question:
    Sometimes the server cmd says "could not find our Beacon" is that maybe a problem with another mod?
    And what happens when i kill a colonist?
  6. Unless it's being spammed everywhere it's nothing to worry about. One or two times is fine. It just means that an I'D changed and it has to resync.

    You lose happiness.
  7. kaetzer

    kaetzer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    hell yeah :D will it be easy to update? or should i play some time without the mod?
  8. Due to the fact that things will be completely different in the way the UI / mechanics work, I'm considering releasing the changes as a separate mod and just abandoning this one.
  9. kaetzer

    kaetzer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    ah ok, thanks for the heads up^^
  10. Ramones_fan

    Ramones_fan Pangalactic Porcupine

    Set up a turret and let the excess wander out where it can destroy them. lol. I actually plan to ues this to cleanout a village or two w/o getting aggroed by the guards.
  11. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    Sounds awesome! Looking forward to trying it.

    Also, I had a suggestion:

    Would it be possible to add some sort of Chef, Cook, or Baker type occupation? While having a few Farmers may be enough to feed a colony, I think it would be nice to put some colonists to work in cooking food and/or creating finished dishes.

    It takes a while to grow produce, from seed to harvest. Cooking would extend the food value of produce and ingredients. And while colonists may be able to subsist on corn and grapes, etc, I'm sure they'd get bored of that fare after a while. (Besides, if you add Hunters that hunt for meat, you'll need someone to cook it before eating.)

    Even better, I could imagine that the types of food available to your colonists may have an impact on happiness. Thus, if all they have to eat is stuff like raw carrots and corn, happiness rises slowly and growth rate is slow. But if they have better (cooked) fare, then happiness rises faster, allowing faster growth and an offset to problems, like colonists dying, etc.

    Only problem is, I'm not sure how you would control the recipes available to your colonists. Is there some way to give recipes to an NPC? Maybe hold it in your hand for them to study? Or mod recipes to allow the 3D Printer to duplicate them (in case you also want the recipe for yourself)?

    Wow, um... I hope the new version has a less violent method of controlling population growth rate. I would think that, after a period of massive numbers of colonists dying :rip::zombie::rip::zombie::rip::zombie:, your colony (and planet) would gain a reputation as a "death trap"! D::chrono: Maybe some way to interact with the beacon to turn it off and on without having to destroy it?

    EDIT: I read in the reviews that...
    Last edited: May 8, 2014
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  12. Dominar Pippin

    Dominar Pippin Orbital Explorer

    Personally, I would just reedit the page and change the download rather than abandoning this mod. You have gotten a lot of attention for yourself over the last month or two, on YouTube, through word of forum, etc., etc., and your mod and idea is already quite well know under its' current name; it is both simple and direct. So I'd keep calling it Starbound Colonies, use this page, and then sneakily call the new mod 'Starbound Colonies - A New Beginning' or some such in the text below. More absorb rather than abandon the old mod. It would be like Coca Cola abandoning its trademark red or stylised logo after spending 50+ years making it instantly recognised the world over. You'd loose customers ;)
  13. Its not so much that I'm abandoning colonies alltogether... I just want a new slate to start on. Carrying over over 900 replies of offtopic information just seems messy to me. I'd want a fresh page, fresh DL count, ratings, etc.

    I had a rough start with the community, with a few trolls here and there, and I just want to put all that behind me and move on... Just to get rid of all the drama from this thread. Ya' know?
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  14. Ramones_fan

    Ramones_fan Pangalactic Porcupine

    at least link to the new mod from this page as people may have it bookmarked.
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  15. Dominar Pippin

    Dominar Pippin Orbital Explorer

    I think Ramones_fan has the right idea; a few sentences on this page and a link would be great. You make some very valid points, too. I cannot wait to see what you have cooked up for us. Leave the drama behind and start a new. Good luck!
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  16. Ramones_fan

    Ramones_fan Pangalactic Porcupine

  17. Dominar Pippin

    Dominar Pippin Orbital Explorer

    Hehe and don't think I overlooked this little gem, either. You have my server lads and I really intrigued.
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  18. xDemonChip

    xDemonChip Orbital Explorer

    I swear to god I installed the mod correctly, the folder from the rar file is in the mods folder. and nothing showed up in game the beacon isnt there.
  19. Then you obviously didn't do it correctly. :p

    Did you modify your game files?
  20. xDemonChip

    xDemonChip Orbital Explorer

    I found out it was just having a conflict with the mining mech mod. So I did install it correctly but just so you know dont install mining mech and colonies.
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