1. Note: Nightly builds are not officially supported and things that appear broken might actually just be broken with no way of fixing it, but community members may still be willing to assist you with common problems.

Tutorial Collection of Admin Codes for Nightly Build

Discussion in 'Nightly Builds Support' started by SivCorp, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Darklight

    Darklight Oxygen Tank

    They already have approached modders in the past for that. The Skyrails are one example. However they won't add just anything into the game
  2. Son0fgrim

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  3. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I'm confused on what this is about....

    This post is for reporting admin codes, useful workarounds, and other things to help with the nightly build of Starbound. There are plenty of mods out there, that are good... but I don't see this being the place for making list of them.
    But yes, the modding capability of this game gives us many options for game-play adjustments, themes, and other fun things.
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  4. Son0fgrim

    Son0fgrim Spaceman Spiff

    I have realized I am in the wrong place
  5. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    just a couple of things i thought noteworthy of being edited in the OP;

    /admin [1,0] : used to activate admin commands -- no-longer needs 1 or 0.. just /admin works to toggle it
    /godmode : new admin mode? -- as far as i'm aware, testing both in and out of admin mode, this command doesn't do anything. yet?
    ---- while in admin mode, you can type "y" to repeat the last command used. -- you don't need to be in admin mode for this to work, and the key changed to P; it's no-longer Y. note, you don't TYPE p, you simply press it outside of the console as if you'd activate a tech by pressing F or something. this will repeat the last command.

    edit: any chance we can have this thread moved to
    Nightlies, then stickied?
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  6. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    OP has been updated. Thanks all.

    Where do you want to move the thread? I don't see a designated Nightly build section in the forums. And most people where posting questions in this section, so I put the post here, to help keep the forums clear of already answered questions.
  7. eksynn

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  8. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Ah, I was wondering if that was the section you are referring to. I think that section is for specific things questions, and like I said, this is for a broad list.

    That and there were too many topics relating to this stuff being brought up in the section this is in now. I think it should stay where it is.

    But it is up to the moderation team....
  9. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    it's just for nightly build. "admin mode" all in and by itself is only available for nightlies right now. ^^
    although some of the topics are generalized, the original post and its title belongs under the nightly forum
    that's what
    i think anyway =x
  10. Loiger2

    Loiger2 Space Hobo

    So... Whenever I type /admin in the chatbox It sais " insufficient privileges to make self admin". I can't post a screen cause I don't meet the requirements :p.

    P.S. I have tried /admin 1, /ruinthefun and /godmode none of them work either.[DOUBLEPOST=1414357057][/DOUBLEPOST][​IMG]
  11. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    If you are running the current nightlies, all you type is /admin

    If that doesn't work, delete your character, universe files, and try again. If not, reinstall the game.
  12. FormalRiceFarmr

    FormalRiceFarmr Big Damn Hero

    anyone know how i can get my hands on Armagon's shield generator so i can play with it's potential uses? all I've managed to spawn is generic objects
  13. The Observer

    The Observer Phantasmal Quasar

    Turn on admin mode. I'm pretty sure I last saw it in the crafting menu.
  14. FormalRiceFarmr

    FormalRiceFarmr Big Damn Hero

    i haven't managed to find it yet, and searching "shield" has no results. let me know if you get any leads
  15. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    what is it called exactly? and what's the description?

    @SivCorp -
    this has been fixed, as far as i noticed.
    Enemy NPCs and monsters that are damaged to 1 hp become invincible."

    there's now a bug that the HP bar goes down to its last bar sometimes, until they die... but they still lose life even if it doesn't show it.
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  16. Darklight

    Darklight Oxygen Tank

    Ship expansion commands don't work anymore
  17. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    did you try /admin followed by /spawnitem shipT#? (# = between 3 and 8... anything lower is kind of pointless xD)
  18. Darklight

    Darklight Oxygen Tank

    I did. All of them don't work
  19. eksynn

    eksynn Giant Laser Beams

    tried it on today's update, still works fine for me o O
    sometimes though, before, i did notice it didn't work. xD but it always came back after i restarted the game.
  20. Dunto

    Dunto Guest

    The latest Nightly brings more outpost updates! Here's a quest guide if you want to check them out (everything subject to abrupt changes, it's the Nightly branch):
    ***THE OUTPOST***
    (Quest groups and upgrades must be done in this order, completing all in a section unlocks the section below it.
    Each section lists the items needed to complete the quests in that section.)
    *Special Equip Quest*
    *Phase 1 Quests*
    (You'll need to fix your FTL drive (do the Erchius Mining Facility mission) before the next section unlocks.)
    (The Penguin Bay "vendor" to the far right offers the ship upgrade quests.)
    *Ship Upgrade 1*
    diamond (2)
    *Phase 2 Quests*
    paper (5)
    gunpowder (5)
    coconut (3)
    *Ship Upgrade 2*
    diamond (4)
    *Phase 3 Quests*
    *Ship Upgrade 3*
    diamond (8)
    *Phase 4 Quests*
    *Ship Upgrade 4*
    diamond (16)
    *Ship Upgrade 5*
    diamond (32)
    The arcade machine will give you 100 pixels if you can turn all the squares from white to black.  (Repeatable)
    (I have hints to beat it fast, but I'm going to wait a while before I post them so everyone can have a chance to figure it out themselves.)

    Note the Erchius Mining Facility mission has some quest issues right now so you'll have to enable admin mode and use S.A.I.L. to fix your FTL.
    Also, you'll have to go back to your ship and use S.A.I.L. to upgrade it after doing the upgrade quest before the next set of quests unlock.

    Edit: The outpost quests have changed a bit, I'll try to get a new list made soon.

    Screenshot of a ship upgraded 5 times (to ship level 8, according to the assets).
    Taken at 1.0x zoom (too big to fit in one screenshot at 2x) with screen resolution of 1920x1028 (windowed):

    I added the platforms, the upgrades come with hazard blocks marking off the addition(s) which can be removed with the matter manipulator.
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