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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by LucaEpic, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. LucaEpic

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    If someone has a list for all of the status effects, that would be lovely!
    What I mean is the one you use for LUA and JSON coding, for example: status.addEphemeralEffect("nofalldamage")
  2. SpazDiesFirst360.0

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    So a list of all status effects with a unique lua file? A list of all vanilla status effect names? Or a list of all known status effect lua calls? I don't quite understand the question.

    If it is the last one, there should be an lua documentation for status effects in the doc folder in Starbound's main directory.
  3. Sparklink

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    Here is a complete list of all 101 status effects that are found within the Starbound files (underscores are placed where spaces are not for easy reading)
    When a status effect is listed as a variant it means that there are more than one status effects but they use the same LUA file.
    All of these can easily be found in the stats folder of your unpacked assets, but to have this for reference may be useful.

    ballista_pusher (the ballista in the "Baron's Keep" have a small recoil on their shots, it nudges them backwards slightly)
    bed (comes in degrees of "restfulness" numbered one through six each restoring health faster, useful LINK)
    blink (used to be used for the blink tech)
    bouncy (used to be used for the bounce tech)
    camouflage (Comes in degrees of 0%, 25%, 35%, 50% and 75%.)
    color (used by paint ball gun weapon. Come is color_blue, color_green, color_orange, color_purple, color_red, and color yellow.)
    cultist_shield (this is what Asra Nox has when she is immune to your attacks)
    dont_starve (this is constantly applied to the player when they are in a mission, as the name implies prevents starvation)
    doomed ( special status applied only by the "Doom Canon" weapon"
    electric_block (comes in two varieties electric_block and electric_block_augment)
    elemental_aura (this is the barrier applied by the "Energy Aura" special on hammers, one variant for each of the four elements)
    elemental_charge (I think this one creates particles around the player in the broadsword special "Blade Charge, one for each element)
    fire_block (three variants burn_spray, fire_block, and fire_block_augment)
    food (this one is only a folder it contains the statuses hungry, starving, and well_fed)
    glow (comes in two variants glow and ship glow the second being the status effect applied by crew members when on your ship)
    guardian_death (the way the vault guardians explode into essence is in some form a status effect)
    heal (varieties are bandage_heal, bottled_water_heal, medkit_heal, nanowrap_heal, and salve_heal)
    hologram_glow (the Big Ape holograms in the "Miniknog Stronghold" missions get their blue glow from this)
    ice_block (two varieties ice_block and ice_block_augment)
    intents (It is hard to discern the purpose of this status. I can only assume that this may be related to an NPC's personality.)
    invisible (used to be used for the "Camera Man's Helmet". The helmet was removed the status was not.)
    invulnerable ( used to be used for a force field tech)
    jump_boost (varieties; jump_boost, jump_boost_20, jump_boost_augment, jump_boost_food, and ship_jump_boost)
    large_damage_boost (you can find this power when fighting a certain variety of vault guardian)
    levitation ( used to be used with the "Gravity Bubble" tech)
    max_energy_boost (comes in varieties one through three)
    max_energy_scaling_ boost (comes in two varieties max_energy_scaling_boost and max_energy_scaling_boost_food.)
    max_health_boost (variants; max_health_boost 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and max_health_boost_augment one through three)
    max_health_scaling_boost (variants; max_health_boost_collar one through three, max_health_scaling_boost_20, and max_health_scaling_boost_food)
    max_protection (two varieties high_protection provides 85% protection and max_protection_provides 100% protection)
    miniboss_glow (used to be used for those giant randomly generated monsters)
    novakid_glow (the bright light of a novakid is a status effect)
    NPC_reactions (some times when two NPCs talk they may release some kind of particle to express an emotion for the player to see. There is a specific status for each reaction; bored, love, nose_bleed_left, nose_bleed_right, slow_love, vomit_left, and vomit_right)
    nude (used in most beds. Only gives the character the appearance of wearing no armor does not remove the armor)
    poison_block (three variants; antidote, poison_block, poison_block_augment)
    regeneration (variants; healing_water, red_stim, regeneration_one through four, regeneration_augment_one through three, regeneration_collar_1 through 3, regeneration_fast, regeneration_food, ship_regeneration_one through five, and ship_regeneration)
    run_boost (variants: run_boost_20, run_boost_augment, run_boost_food, and ship_run_boost.)
    shield_effect (used for when the player is using a shield)
    skull_head_lamp ( used with the "Rusty Metal Skull" item)
    stun (it is applied to monsters that used the "Charge" attack and hit a wall, the Shock Hopper MK1 for example)
    swim_boost (two varieties swim_boost and swim_boost_cola)
    swimming (causes the afflicted to go through a swim animation)
    thorns (varieties: enemy_nova, nova, thorns, and thorns_augment)
    time_freeze (caused by the weapon "Time Pierce" special "Time Stop".)
    xenon_glow (two variants light_elm_glow and xenon_glow)

    Feel free to copy/paste this where you may find it to be more useful. If you are copying it somewhere online please give credit.
    I figure that not only will this list help you, but it will also help others who later come looking for something like this.
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  4. LucaEpic

    LucaEpic Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you so much! I tried looking for them in the unpacked assets, but with no luck. I'm still quite new, so that could be why. Again, thank you. I will (of course) credit you , if I redistribute the list.
  5. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    Glad I could help. I tried my hardest to make a quality list that would answer some questions regarding some more cryptic statuses such as the "ballista_pusher" or "skull_head_lamp". There are a handful here that are partially unknown to myself; I am thinking of opening a new discussion to collaborate with others and compile information on the workings of these.
  6. slowcold

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    You, gentle being, are awesome.
  7. slowcold

    slowcold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Is there anywhere which lists what the status effect actually does? With some it's both obvious and well documented, but for others .... just spent 3 hours trying to work out what camoflage75 does. Apparently it does absolutely nothing. :p
  8. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    @slowcold I have not seen any list like mine any where else. Starbounder details all of the status effect that are more noticeable but not things like skull_head_lamp which you see in action but do not realize is actually a status effect. I am currently working on improving this list.
  9. drathi

    drathi Void-Bound Voyager

    Can you also make one with all the different sounds and particles?
    My unpack file is glitched, so i cant look in the assets
  10. NARRAT0R

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    They're in the assets here : "/unpacked/stats/effects"

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