RELEASED Cobalt 1.1.3

Adds a new tool tier and a sprinkler.

  1. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

    spacechase0 submitted a new mod:

    Cobalt - Adds a new tool tier and a sprinkler.

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    • Einzelkampf

      Einzelkampf Aquatic Astronaut

      The recipe doesn't seem to appear. I checked with the UIInfoSuite and it does show Cobalt as Craftable. Clint also suggests that I can upgrade my Iridium tools to Cobalt, but I just can't craft them at all. I already have pretty much every skill maxed out, but no Cobalt recipe were found. Is there a possible fix to this? I'd like to avoid spawning them in to use them
      • spacechase0

        spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

      • BlueSkyes

        BlueSkyes Star Wrangler

        Nothing is working. I got the materials, I waited days on end, and no results. Hope this bug is fixed :)

        EDIT: Aha! Reading saves lives, I suppose. I read the description thoroughly and found out it requires PyTK. ;-;
        • spacechase0

          spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

        • DDGamer

          DDGamer Void-Bound Voyager

          I was really enjoying this mod, up until I realised that Cobalt is now in the items shipped collection. Argh! (still using it though :p )

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