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Bug/Issue Co-op sync problem?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by StandinShadow, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. StandinShadow

    StandinShadow Seal Broken

    I've found out that progressing / starting main mission in other player's server 'does' sync with single-player playthrough (progress-wise). BUT turns out, it doesn't sync other things like outpost. Although I managed to open some shops by playing main missions all over again, it was impossible to activate tech console dispenser.

    Is there any solution for this problem? I know I can purchase tech console from co-op server, but I want to activate it for my own.
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  2. Keyah

    Keyah Space Hobo

    - This is a serious problem and needs addressed! -

    I've also been having trouble with this and it's beyond a joke.

    I started playing again when launch hit. My friend and I have been playing with essentially him as the main player and I'm joining him.

    Co-op / Single Player Outpost is not syncing with progress made.

    My ship and everything I own is still registered to my character and all that progress is fine, but the Outpost progress and everything tied to it is out of sync and things are even just straight up non-functional / not available - even despite my characters progress. It's as if I never even did anything.

    This became extremely frustrating when I finally amassed enough pixels to buy my second ship upgrade. I'm alone and because of the sync issue I can no longer access the 'Penguin Bay' to upgrade my ship. I'm in a situation where I don't want to play until my friend wakes up and I can progress again, because I don't want to lose my pixels.

    Other examples of Outpost content being completed and not available in single player:

    Quests that are completed - Need re-completing/unlocking
    Race Artifact Progress - Deleted
    Shops - Not open

    Upon re-doing quests, they are not showing in the quest completed tab.

    I have even already accepted (and still have active) 'Penguin Weaponry Testing Site' quest, and that part of the underground outpost isn't even available in single player now.

    I started playing with friends and essentially can't play without them now since I can't progress without doing everything multiple times.

    A message from the team simply acknowledging this bug's existence would be great.

    Edit: Have also noticed that plants on my ship that I planted while in the company of my friend, have ceased growing.
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