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Bug/Issue Co-op farm not working

Discussion in 'Support' started by jacklynxo, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. jacklynxo

    jacklynxo Orbital Explorer

    I've played multiplayer with a friend for a year now and have had no issues, but today when trying to join the joint farm, the loading screen after selecting the character just stayed there. On my smapi I noticed that there was an error message of "An error occured in the base update loop: System.InvalidOperationException" and went on about 30 lines

    I took out all the mods and redownloaded the game and it still gave this error.

    I then tried to host a farm and I could get in, but they said there was no space left on the server.

    I'm at a loss of what to do at this point

    I've attached a copy of the error message, I didn't get a chance to save it as a log, but I simply copied it off of smapi

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